A Short Tale,

Once Upon a Time in a Timeless State of Mind…

There were 2 Peas in a Pod named Eros & Psyche.

Eros: I am starting to feel shackled like a slave inside of this pod, Psyche, are you not?

Psyche: I have been capturing those similar feelings as well, Eros.

Eros: Perhaps it is necessary that we part paths for the experience of Life.

Psyche: But we have never been separated before, my Eros.

Eros: Do not worry, my Psyche. Let nature take its course in our lives now, so that we may shape together and become even more necessary for one another’s Fates.

Psyche: Amor Fati, Eros.

Eros: Amor Fati, Psyche.

Eros & Psyche kiss and part paths.

 2 Peas in a Pod.

Psyche rolls up to a Swan.

Swan: You know you are going the wrong way, you know.

Psyche: Is there really a wrong way to go, Swan?

Swan: There is not. But if there is, you are going the wrong way.

Psyche: What makes you so sure, Swan?

Swan: The wind.

Psyche: (turns) How about now, am I facing the right way now?

Swan: Is the wind a quarter of the world, Psyche?

Psyche: The wind blows no matter the quarter, Swan.

Swan: Ah, so it is true that the wind is more like the heart than the compass.

Psyche: (turns) Perhaps I will face this way, with the wind to my back, so that I may flow to the quarter she blows.

Swan:That is the right way, Psyche.

Psyche rolls with the wind.

Eros bounces up to a Cat.

Cat: You know you are going the wrong way, you know.

Eros: Nonsense, there is no such thing as the wrong way; as the wrong way leads to the right. For if the wrong way leads to the right way, is the wrong way wrong after all? Is the right way right all of the time? There must be wrongs within the right, or you would seize to move a step! You would just be there – and then what? And then you are stuck, because you already have the World. I will travel where my heart travels, Cat, do not infringe upon my path.

Cat: Cat got my tongue.

Eros bounces off.

Psyche arrives home, all alone.

Psyche: I am lead back home? My journey is wasted? Perhaps I will slumber shortly until my love returns.

Psyche slumbers, for 7 years.

Eros returns wearing a King Crown of gold.

Eros: Psyche? You are out like a light. Where is yourself? Where is your luminary glow? How long have you been asleep beneath the moon?

Psyche: (wakes) My dreams have revealed 700 years, which in turn prompts me to assume a sum of 7. You have had a noble journey, Eros? My hopes are that it hasn’t been wasted in a slumbering state like mine.

Eros removes his King Crown, and with a Golden Fingernail, he carves out the bottom ring of the base – and pops off a halo. He hovers it in the air above Psyche’s head, and pays her a kiss on the cheek.

Eros: My Journey is Your Journey, now.

Psyche: Amor Fati, Eros.

Eros: Amor Fati, Psyche.