Short Dialogue:


Jack: Ares, you are the reincarnation of the Energy of War, are you not?

Ares: War I Am, Jack.

Jack: It is a shame that you must exist at all, Ares.

Ares: I am not the architect of The Game, as I did not create the rules. I am just the manifested God of All War, Jack.

Jack: Mind War?

Ares: By Mind, I suppose you mean Spirit?

Jack: Spirit it is.

Ares: Indeed, and who is the combatant of Spirit?

Jack: It is the Flesh.

Ares: Do you have a parable to expand, Jack?

Jack: A softened jellyfish with a Lion-Spirit is shredded at the paws of a lion cub.

Ares: On dryland?

Jack: Yes.

Ares: Suppose you toss the cub into the deep blue sea?

Jack: That is a Mind-War for the lion cub alone.

Ares: And the jellyfish?

Jack: I am sure he is uncatchable, and would have no problem weaving and stinging the paws of the lion cub.

Ares: The jellyfish’s lion-spirit conquers in the wetland.

Jack: The lion’s lion-spirit conquers on the dryland.

Ares: Life for 1.

Jack: Loss for 1 other.

Ares: In times of war, pray unto thee.

Jack: It is God’s Blessing that you exist at all, Ares.

Ares: Life is a Warzone.