Once Upon a Time in a Timeless State of Mind…    Jack, the Pumpkin Headed Son of Earth, was falling from the sky. Through the treetops of a deep wood, he plummets towards the Divine Dirt and sticks the landing on a doe – which takes him for a ride through the forest.

Jack: Who moves I, nature or myself? Sometimes I am for certain that I am just a ragdoll in the hands of the Mother and her play.

Artemis: Seize, Caesar!

The doe brakes for Artemis.

Jack: Caesar is his name, Artemis? Such a paradoxical representation for such a kind doe.

Artemis: Symptoms. What are the symptoms of a rolling teardrop?

Jack: There are 2 symptoms that make teardrops roll – significant Sorrow, and intense Joy.

Artemis: Paradox. Now tell me, what are the symptoms of the growth of a flower?

Jack: There are 2 symptoms that make the flower grow – the dry Sun, and the wet Rain.

Artemis: Paradox. Pair of ducks – what is needed for the birth of an egg?

Jack: A Male and a Fe-male.

Artemis: Can’t be…

Jack: It is. Life is a paradox.


Jack: The woods are your territory, are they not, Artemis?

Artemis: The woods are my Spirit, Jack, and Nature is my abode. I am the trees and I am the whispers of the weeping willows; I am the death of an ox and I am the life of a hawk who preys of it; I am the source of a butterfly’s transformation, and I am the root of every flower. But do not be tricked, for it is not only in the outside world that I am. Every man’s mind is a dark, dark wood. It is of peaking importance to explore the forest inside – and for those who do, I Artemis, will assist you in your attainment. How is your shot with a bow and arrow, Jack?

Jack: I am not too wise with it, Artemis.

Artemis: I will learn you in the art of the shot. What comes first, the vision or the action?

Jack: The vision comes first.

Artemis: You are an honest soul, Jack?

Jack: It is my breath; and has been hard worked for.

Artemis: View the scape, and your first lesson. You must always be honest about your surroundings, Jack. It is of high valor for a learning being to ignore, never, a thing.

Jack: There is a trail of blood near that bush over there, Artemis. Do you suppose it is important to scout out death?

Artemis: Scout it out and make ignorance rare. The more you remember death, the more you will carry the freeing thought of having nothing to lose in this life. It is the Great Men and Noble Women who lie into death with not a regret on their soul – and it is those who have made it beyond this World.

Jack: Those beings are rare, Artemis, and I seek to be one of them. Let us trail the trail of blood until our own runs cold.

Jack & Artemis trail the bloody trail. They espy a deadened gazelle, and a lion eating of it.

Jack: Death…

Artemis: What comes with death, Jack?

Jack: All of the Darkness.

Artemis: And of Life, the Light?

Jack: And of Life, the Light.

Artemis: And so, the symbol is manifested into what aspects?

Jack: Life and death; light and darkness, are not to be divided. The darkened aspects of life must always be presently presented; and have as much of a right to be here as the light that shines within it. Dive into your darkness, and slaughter your ignorance. To run from darkness is to run from the World, and to run from the World is to run from Yourself – and so, lost in a cloud of unknowing are those who ignore the dark inside of the World inside of Themselves.

Artemis: Suppose the lion was eating of himself.

Jack: That is the symbol of the World.

Artemis: Paradox.

Artemis takes the bow off of her shoulder, removes an arrow from her quiver, and hands it to Jack.

Jack: You want me to shoot, Artemis?

Artemis: That appointment will come, Jack. Let us focus on your aims.

Jack: It is a plural lesson, Artemis?

Artemis: What good is 1 bird when 3 can be slain with 1 shot?

Jack: And there is more room on the length of an arrow than 3 breadths of a bird.

Artemis: Wise, Jack. Pick a colorful point.

Jack picks a point and aims it at a colorful leaf that is falling from a tree.

Jack: It is a moving point.

Artemis: How can a point be moving if it is The Point?

A colorful fruit bat soars overhead and snags the colorful leaf as an edible.

Jack: The Point is gone.

Artemis: What is The Point now?

Jack: I think that the colorful fruit bat is inferred.

Artemis: The inference is correct, so what happened to The Point?

Jack: Death.

Artemis: There was no point in the first place?

Jack: I had felt it in my heart to be The Point, but perhaps it was not a point at all.

Artemis: Or was the fruit bat The Point?

Jack: It is inferred again.

Artemis: How did you find The Point of the colorful fruit bat?

Jack: Through The Point of the colorful leaf.

Artemis: The leaf assisted you to The Point?

Jack: Yes, the first point has led to the final.

Artemis: So long as you start with 1 point, it will lead you to The Right Point.

Jack: To kill a point is to birth a point.

Artemis: Remember the lion & gazelle, Jack. To slaughter is to feed life – it is just the way it is.

Jack: Adapt.

Jack takes aim at the colorful fruit bat.

Artemis: You are concentrating hard, Jack?

Jack: The concentration is present, Artemis.

Artemis: How present is the concentration, Jack?

Jack: How present aught the concentration to be, Artemis?

Artemis: Shoot the arrow.

Jack shoots for the fruit bat and misses.

Jack: I think that I am all too tense, Artemis.

Artemis: You are concentrating too hard, Jack.

Jack: Do you mean that I am looking too hard to aim?

Artemis: Can one look too hard at all? What is the difference in viewpoint between looking hard and just looking? Is there a fixable scale of one’s visionary lens of sight?

Jack: There is not.

Artemis: What is the matter with looking too hard?

Jack: You are placing on yourself a tense anxiety that need not be there.

Artemis: What is the inference, Jack?

Jack: You do not try to be present – you just be present.

Artemis hands Jack an arrow. 

Artemis: And in regards to the bow & arrow?

Jack: Aim… but don’t think about aiming.

Without a glitch in his system, Jack stretches back the bow and fires the arrow into the fruit bat – who transforms into a magnificently colorful Dragon.

Jack: That is a colorful point, Artemis.

Artemis: The World is Colored in Paradox.

The Dragon sings like a bird.