Once Upon a Time in a Timeless State of Mind…    Jack, the Pumpkin Headed Son of Earth, was floating in Outer Space – where a war overhead between the Black Jabberwockies and the Infinite Angels exists in combative pursuit. From a star, Athena, the Greek Goddess, descents upon a floating Jack.

Athena: DUCK!

Jack ducks a flying duck.

Jack: Why is there a duck in outer space, Athena?

Athena: Is there anything that is not in outer space, Jack? Ask a wiser question.

Jack: Why is there a war up here?

Athena: Because there is a war down there.

Jack: There have been wars down there since Caesar and his Romans, Athena.

Athena: That is not the war I am speaking of, Jack.

Jack: Enlighten me.

Athena: Where the war remains Spiritual down below, it is manifested and mimicked in the Physical up here, where you are. Do you know how to use a bow & arrow, Jack?

Jack: Student of Artemis, Athena.

Athena tosses Jack a bow; and an arrow with a bright yellow star on the tip.

Athena: 3 on your left, Jack.

Jack shoots aJabberwocky – it turns into a black hole and swallows his 2 companions.

Jack: Down goes darkness.

Athena: Welcome to the Space War.


Jack: You are the Goddess of War, Athena?

Athena: I am the Goddess of Wisdom, Jack.

Jack: And not war?

Athena: And war.

Jack: Look at that one coming this way, he is a mammoth of a beast. What else do you have in that quiver?

An arrow is removed.

Athena: There is a rainbow on this one, Jack.

Jack: What does it do, Athena?

Athena: Is it important to ask what could be, rather than just pursuing the shot?

Jack: Truth.

Athena: It is best not to wonder for a lifetime when the shot is constantly ready to take. Let us not hesitate, Jack. Sometimes the act of shooting the shot is more difficult to succumb to than the soaring journey of the liberated arrow.

Jack: When the rock gets rolling…

Athena: It rolls.

Jack takes the arrow and aims it straight up above, and shoots it. The rainbow-arrow manifests into a flying 16-foot anaconda. It devours the beastly Jabberwocky and fertilizes it out in stars.

Jack: It is true, even a sinful serpent may be filled with light if he sets his hunger on the stars up above.

Athena: Behind you, Jack.

Jack points his nose at the Jabberwocky behind him, and hisses. The rainbow anaconda races through the sky and devours that beast, as well.

Athena: Down goes darkness.

Jack: How do I put an end to this war, Athena?

Athena: By impressing Light into the World below, Jack.

Jack: But there is no way to depress all of the darkness, Athena. For you well know that the brighter the light, the bolder the shadow.

Athena: You are speaking of the Light of the Sun?

Jack: I am.

Athena: And the Light of the Sun is symbiotic to what, Jack?

Jack: The Light of the Sun blesses us with a keen eyesight on the knowledge of what is around us; it is the Truth, because it is the Light that shows you what there is.

Athena: Is there a relationship between the Sun’s Light & Inner Light?

Jack: I would say yes. Knowledge, Reasoning and Truth radiate Light into the World of the Individual that practices those 3 Laws – and therefore shines Light into the World with his or her radiant rays.

Athena: Light is a saving grace, Jack?

Jack: It is.

Athena: It is only?

Jack: The World Law states that all opposites are in accord, so I am going to have to suppose that anything that may be a Saving Grace may too be a Destroying Force; according to the accord. But just as all is opinion until the light is caught by the naked eye, my judgement on the matter remains to be a hypothesis until it is visible underneath of the Sun.

Athena: Perhaps it depends on the light-form?

Jack: According to The World Law, no matter the form, where there is 1 – there is polarity.

Athena: You are saying that Everything is Both Good & Evil, Jack?

Jack: That is an appropriate view of the matter, but then again so is it’s contrary double – Nothing is Neither Good nor Evil, Athena.

Athena: Wise, Jack. Let us perform the test of Destruction Potentiality in Light.

Jack: As is the 1 World, there are but 2 forms.

Athena: The Sun.

Jack: There is a potential to destroy.

Athena: To destroy what, Jack?

Jack: Anything that it wants to destroy, Athena.

Athena: It can destroy the Inner Light, Jack?

Jack: Well…Perhaps I am faulted. Perhaps it may destroy All Things – Except for the Inner Light. After all, can light earnestly destroy light?

Athena: Suppose a being were to be consumed by the sun’s flares. You are implying that the body shall be demolished and made ash, but the Light from within the being shall blend over and join in with the Light of the Sun to conquer?

Jack: I like the thought, Athena. But I do not know a thing until I am an absolute witness to it. Unless my fate one day leads me to be swallowed up by the Sun, I will more than likely never know the Truth, but, it is always healthy to play with a thought.

Athena: Destruction Potentiality of the Inner Light.

Jack: In regards to this light-form, and the blood of destruction flowing within its veins; it is a rough-edged question, Athena. Because, it is quite contrarian to believe that the Inner Light may have that sort of beastly red blood that hungers to kill a thing at all…and yet…now as lightning strikes me… My mind is morphed. Perhaps the Inner Light does not, only, possess a potential to destroy – but perhaps destruction is a dominating point of its coming.

Athena: What does the Inner Light destroy, Jack?

Jack: What does it not destroy, Athena? It destroys everything illusionary. It destroys the old-self with the invented ego that is Man’s own dungeon with the dragon. Slithering sins, slimy shortcuts, a shoddy temper and a serpent’s tongue – all brutally murdered and killed. An impatient mind, a lazy mind, and a bored mind that is stuck – slaughtered to death for the flies. Lies for the self are skinned; and fraudulent ignorance is beaten out of you by your own self. To pretend turns into not being alive at all – and so you lynch it and radiate reality with the Inner Light of the True Self.

Athena: There is a black dragon on your tail, Jack.

Jack yanks a lightning bolt out of space and stabs it into the dragon’s forehead. It transforms into a black unicorn with a golden horn, red wings and one big eye.

Jack: Metamorphosis is constantly Divine.

Jack hops on.

Jack: How do I put an end to this war, Athena?

Athena: By impressing Light into the World below, Jack.

Jack: Perhaps I will give the Sun a push.

Athena: When the rock gets rolling…

Jack: It rolls.

Jack takes off on the unicorn towards the scorching red Sun – and then meets it head forward; and then disintegrates into space dust. The Sun sways and rocks and rolls and morphs into the giant shape of Jack, the Pumpkin Headed Son of Earth, who rides on a giant fiery stallion with a giant flaming chariot fastened onto the back. The stallion rears and gallops and the flaming chariot rolls towards the Earth – and consumes All in the sun’s flames.  The Darkened Ones singe into ash and space, and the Enlightened Ones join the Force of Fire, and morph into bright Beings of Light that sit-in and fill-up Jack’s Chariot of the Sun.

Athena: Down goes darkness.

The Black Jabberwockies mutate into Stars.

Jack: Metamorphosis is Constantly Divine.