Once Upon a Time in a Timeless State of Mind Alongside of the Koshi River of Nepal, sat a Brahmin Girl in the Lotus Flower way. A Monkey named Jiriki hangs on her back, and a Kitten named Tariki lays on her lap.

Tariki (Kitten): What do you meditate for, Brahmin Girl?

Brahmin Girl: Tariki, I have read the esoteric scriptures of the Upanishads a handful of times, and cannot quite submit myself to knowing the Atma within me. They say it is the deep Self, the Spirit that is You – and I can’t, for the life of me, place my finger on the pulse of this mysterious teaching. And so, I have set out to find it.

Jiriki (Monkey): Samadhi is the goal?

Brahmin Girl: Samadhi, Nirvana, Satori, Holy Spirit, Atma, Tao, Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Christ, Gautama, Enlightenment, Moksha! Whatever you wish to call it – that is what the mission is, Jiriki.

Jiriki: You have set the mind right, Brahmin Girl?

Brahmin Girl: I have done so, Jiriki.

Tariki: You have prayed to the stars, Brahmin Girl?

Brahmin Girl: I have done so, too, Tariki.

Jiriki & Tariki: AUM

Brahmin Girl.

Brahmin Girl: AUM

The blue deity, Krishna, walks by playing melodies on his golden flute. Brahmin Girl opens her eyes.

Brahmin Girl: Well that is a change in consciousness. You visit for me, Krishna?

Krishna: I see you clutch on to the word AUM, Brahmin Girl. Stop holding onto things. Do you not know that life must change? It is The Law, Brahmin Girl – dive into it.

Brahmin Girl: What do I do to dive, Krishna?

Krishna: Stretch the mind and move it. Like a ball in a mountain stream, let it roll on a rock for a little while, and then let it move over to the next pool’s whirl – and then let it roll on there for a little while longer, until the next thought swirls.

Brahmin Girl: What do I meditate upon, Krishna?

Krishna: The Scriptures.

Brahmin Girl closes her eyes. Krishna walks off, and Vishnu appears.

Vishnu:  Hello, is anyone there?

Brahmin Girl: Well that is a change in consciousness. You visit for me, Vishnu?

Vishnu: What have you learned in your mind, Brahmin Girl?

Brahmin Girl: I have sorted something out in the Scriptures – but have not quite figured it all out yet. There is a lesson in the Scriptures somewhere that speaks about 2 paths: the way of the Kitten and the way of the Monkey. For it is the Kitten who seeks the outside assistance from her Mother to travel – as the Mother picks her up by the nape of her neck and travels her, herself. But then it speaks of the Monkey. You see, Vishnu, the baby monkey does not need to be assisted in his travel, because his mother does not pick him up – but he holds and hangs onto the mother’s back, himself. The thing is, it is hard for me to distinguish which way is the correct way.

Vishnu: Correctness is not always correct, Brahmin Girl. The longer you play with the Opposites, the more you realize their union. The question is not which one is correct, Brahmin Girl. The question is: How does one do both?

Brahmin Girl: This is what I will meditate on, Vishnu. Blessings.

Brahmin Girl closes her eyes. Vishnu departs, and Shiva arrives – and lightning strikes. Her eyes pop.

Brahmin Girl: Well that is a change in consciousness. Shiva, I have sorted it out. You must seek everything, while letting go of everything. You must breathe in, just as you must breathe out. You must work for Samadhi, like the Monkey, while relying on the Universe, like the Kitten. You must have faith – but not the kind of faith that hangs onto belief; it is the kind of faith that one must have when diving into the unknown.

Shiva: Dive into it, Brahmin Girl.

Brahmin Girl stands up tall, and dives into the Koshi River. From the waters, Lord Vishnu rises up with a Lotus flower growing up from his naval – sitting on the flower is Brahmin Girl, in deep meditation.

Brahmin Girl: AUM… ATMA… AUM…

Tariki (Kitten): Ah, now she sees.

Jiriki (Monkey): Now, she is a Brahmin Girl.