2 Limericks, by Jack O’Lantern:

“There was a Young Man in pursuit,

Of the Desires he wanted to chew;

He got what he wished,

And the Devil then did,

Laugh with haughty amuse.”

Young Man:  Is there any completion within this turning wheel of viscious wantage? Of consuming? Of a New Thing & a New Yearn? Dost everything fade and die away – including the mindful desire of a Thing? For I find that once I possess what I had thirsted for – the passion rots to death and an untrodden longing is born anew. Devil, why dost you laugh with haughty amuse?

Devil:  Young Man, why dost you cry? Have you not every Thing? Perhaps I laugh because perhaps it is everything that turns into nothing within the moving hearts of Men.

Young Man:  So then how may one be Full?

Devil:  There is a Burning Man over there…

“There was an Old Man who had sought,

The burning of all he had bought;

He kindled the fire,

And burned his Desire,

And a flame arose in his Heart.”