Stillness. Peace. No nerves; no certainty. Whatever life conjures – the manifestation is what it will be – for now, until the next evolution.


The point of life, for me at least, is to consistently be in a state of climbing evolution. The issue is that you cannot point the finger and choose when to climb. The mountain must come, and it is not I who rises it out of the Divine Ground.

The only thing I am steadfast in is obeying my Spirit. When the Spirit orders me to place my hand on the next rock of this mountain, I do so, even when it is risky & sharp. To climb with no spirit is superficiality. The Mountain & The Man must be ONE.

If I were to climb up to conquer it, I would race up it and take shortcuts.

You must wait & let the mountain deliver you your next step, so that the mountain may conquer You, so that you may conquer It.

Then you Evolve.


Waiting & resting in the VOID. Time dost not exist, and yet, it is what stands in the way – what is needed in this World.

The Gift was known, but who knows but God? Perhaps it is something different; perhaps it is not what I thought. I don’t know. But I trust in the Spirit and her process. My inner world hangs on the golden thread of Faith. Not faith in the Gift, but faith in whatever that Gift may be. The outcome, which I know nothing about.


Whether the concrete Gift IS the Gift, or it is transcended into something I know not of – the latter is oftentimes a Truth, but not always. I have received many gifts that were the Gifts in the beginning of the processes, but I have received many that were transcended, as well. He plays with symbols so simply, so swiftly, and when you know how to toy with symbols, anything can be transcended into anything – so long as the receptor can read and convert the language of Symbolistic Transmissions.


(end passage)