How do I put this evolved addition to paper?


I’m fighting Doubt. It is not my orders. Typically, I dive into it and let it manifest.

It’s different, but it’s not NO struggle like I had thought yesterday. Doubt is a wretched thing. It’s just the beginning and there’s a battle taking place already; at least in this moment.



Will HOPE win out?

If it doesn’t win out, will the GIFT be detracted? It’s only morning, but I’ve had no doubts today yet.


Typically, when I receive dates, it is not the precise date that is the day. You see, I am not allowed to know the exact day nor hour, just like the Angels in Heaven know not the day nor hour of Christ’s Return. So, ALWAYS, when I get a date, The Day falls somewhere around it.

Maybe today, maybe tomorrow, maybe in 3 days – who know. But, whatever day it is, it is nigh. It is coming.

And who knows exactly what it brings? I am hopeful that I know, but sometimes transcendence moves.

The Angels don’t know, and neither do I.

(end passage)