TODAY is the Date that has been projected on my calendar for merely a year. Typically, this day calls for Death. But I don’t feel it. I’m centered – even if today is not the day, I am pretty sure I will maintain the balance.

It’s different. All of these years, thinking that I was conquering Doubt by plunging into it, and it wasn’t the case.

NOW, Doubt is Conquered. At least until it proves otherwise. But I have my doubts that it will.


I’m being communicated to, which has become so natural to me in this life that I’ve grown numb to it – it’s been commonplace for 6 years now, so it is organic, and secret, and no longer surprise.

How do I explain this…

I harvest no doubt, but I still, naturally & truthfully do not know.

The symbols today are so bright & illuminating. I am being told to KNOW.

I’ve become so balanced with myself, that even when my day is filled with complimenting symbols, I still remain a sturdy head, because I still don’t know.

But an hour ago, I was told to let go of Unknowingness – and KNOW.

This is so antithetical to my practices which the Spirit has trained me by.

For the first time ever, GOD, the LOGOS, Prime Creator, Spiritual Energy – Whatever you want to call it – is, in fact, telling me that the Gift will be received back today.

He has never acted this way with me before.



Gift received.


(End Cycle.)