I nearly had a slight confusion last night when I wrote the words: “What if…”

But I battered it away quite rapidly with wisdom and past knowledge of how The Spirit teaches.

Also, I am aware of not stating my Gift. For, it would be much easier for me, but the Gift would detract from the lesson of the ghost who is reading this. Plus, I adore a writing challenge. It keeps me sharp.

For now, things are quite hopeful, but I am still aware of my illusion.

Perhaps, for the sake of challenge, I will attempt at explaining the confusion that caught me off course for all of 110 seconds:


The present Gift that is presently Lost had surprised me & tossed me off course. It deterred me from something that I aught to deter, and will continue to deter, even if the Gift is not given back.

So the Confusion was that perhaps that WAS the Gift – and not the actual Gift presented. It would hurt, but I would understand The Spirit’s lie, no doubt.

But… there is a 3rd dimension to this Gift which I had not immediately realized, that knocks this illusion down – we hope.

Without exposing anything, it would have been highly unnecessary for God to have even exposed me to the Gift all together, unless he wanted to be unnecessarily Evil – and that’s not God’s style. You see, God is a balanced God.

He is only necessarily Evil.

6:32 PM


Hope & Doubt make up a Yin-Yang.

Hope is, of course, an angelic thing; a light in a room of darkness – which is Doubt.


means that,


It is a new thought, and so I have not pegged down the odd justification for this seemingly trivial thing just yet.

If I do, I shall make it known.

(end passage)



LO: you aught to read these coming 17 passages, in Order, to follow me on that journey. But, the passages that arrive after these 17 need NOT to be followed in left-brain order – each one will be it’s own entity, after 17 passages.