I am presented, invisibly, with a choice that is illusory – it is pretend, as all imagination is until it happens. And generally, for me, it often happens. It is just not always often what you expect.

The choice that conquered my conscience was as simple as so:

CHOICE 1: Present Gift.

CHOICE 2: An old gift that I had lost long ago. (pre-spirit, pre-journey, in adolescence)

It was faulty play on the Spirit’s part, at first, because my judgement at present is skewed – which I am aware of. And so, I chose the Present Gift naturally, because that Lost-Old-Gift is nay an option; it has been dead & will remain in the grave, for as far as I know. But sometimes, I don’t.

But then my mind got tricky and matured.

It refined the past thought to better resolution, and stated:

“What if Present Gift and Lost-Old-Gift WAS the choice at hand?”

And all of a sudden, I was stuck. And all of a sudden, the bias was not oneway – but hard. (an honest mind will do that to you.)

But, to my shock, prior to about 33 minutes of unbiased feeling and genuine thought, I did something that I thought never possible. I said farewell to the Lost-Old-Gift that’s haunted my life, somewhat tragically but also beautifully, and I picked the present one.

Nirvana. Breathe out. Let go. AUM…

(end passage)



LO: you aught to read these coming 17 passages, in Order, to follow me on that journey. But, the passages that arrive after these 17 need NOT to be followed in left-brain order – each one will be it’s own entity, after 17 passages.