I am rather still.

In this state of CONFUSION, or UNKNOWING, I pick no side.

I pick no fantasy.

I feel not Good at all, nor bad at all.

Hope is muted from me, not gone. Doubt is the same.


Even when I force attempts to think of the Gift – Nothing. Nothing wants to give. I refrain, subconsciously, to impose ideals. My own ideals of the past are tucked away.

I feel like I have escaped from Maya – the illusion of the World that conquers All Human Minds. My judgements are trampled – fantasy faded.

I have conquered the great and powerful Maya, momentarily, at this particular moment, with this particular faction of my wide eyed World.


(end passage)



LO: you aught to read these coming 17 passages, in Order, to follow me on that journey. But, the passages that arrive after these 17 need NOT to be followed in left-brain order – each one will be it’s own entity, after 17 passages.