Felt like writing something for someone:

Once Upon a Time in a Timeless State that is Divine, Jack, the Pumpkin Headed Son of Earth was stricken with an arrow from Ero’s satchel. However, this arrow was contradictory, in a way, because love was not the primal manifestation of the target it impaled. What had manifested was something curious and not of the mundane norm for an arrow from Ero’s satchel – but an overt and overpowering love for Debate.

JACK: (pulls arrow out of hip) Show yourself, Eros! I know you are around.

The God-Child that is Eros floats nigh like a butterfly on a day with heavy winds.

JACK: Those winds have you a mess today, Eros. (grabs Eros and sets him on the ground)

EROS: A mess I am! Where did you find that arrow, Jack?

JACK: In my side, Eros. But I must admit, the love I had assumed you would cause is second in line to what has been felt.

EROS: Oh, for Mount Olympus’s sake! That arrow was not meant for you, but for Apollo! You see, Jack, for Apollo is much in love with Daphne, the one who rides on dolphins.

JACK: You have explained nothing.

EROS: Well, you see, Jack, a short time ago, perhaps a bit over four thousand years, I had struck Apollo with a love dart whilst his eyes were laid upon Daphne – and, in that same moment, Daphne, I had shot with the anti-love dart, whilst her eyes were laid upon Apollo’s.

JACK: Poor Apollo!

EROS: I know!

JACK: You are a devil.

EROS: I know.

JACK: And so what is this that has impaled my side?

EROS: There is no outside cure for the love-dart that Apollo received. However, It can be cured inwardly. But that is all. It is much like the human race, scarcely will a human heart be changed by another human’s commands – the change must manifest privately behind the chest, by one’s own thought processes and questions and honesties… But! I had a grand idea. A fabulous idea. A genius one, too!

JACK: And I have been pegged with it!?

EROS: The heavy wind. I am quite sorry, Jack. But it is not contrary to goodness – in fact, to debate is a healthy thing.

JACK: Debate? Debate! That is what has taken me.

EROS: You see, Jack, for the point of the Debatable Arrow was to reach Apollo’s side so that he could endlessly debate with himself, privately, behind his chest, with his own thought processes and questions and honesties – to question his own self as to why he is chasing after a ghost. Death is death, and he is consistently hugging at a casket. But there is a peculiar mystery that stirs at this moment…

JACK: A mystery?

EROS: You see, Jack, I had shot out 2 Debatable Arrows – one for Apollo and one for Daphne.

JACK: Daphne received it?

EROS: I do not know.

At this particular moment in the Divine Time of Now, a girl stumbles along with an arrow stuck in her side. Her head is a Star that is constantly self-combusting.

STAR: Combust! Birth! Destroy! Live! Die! Back! Gone! Here! Perished! Manifest! Combust, combust, combust!

Jack pulls the arrow from her side.

STAR: I’ve been hit!

JACK: Relax yourself, you self-combusting thing. You are mad.

STAR: Mad! Happily mad. There is no fun in a life that is completely sane.

JACK: Insanity is a good thing?

STAR: Balance is a good thing, no one wants to be, completely, insane, but to be completely sane is a nuisance and a slog.

JACK: A slog? Do you mean a slug?

STAR: No, I mean a slog.

At this point, some unjustifiably odd creature with a furry spine, lizard eyes, and legs like a spider chugs on by, unhappily.

STAR: That is a slog. (head combusts)

JACK: This spidery reptilian mammal that wears 4 pairs of boots?

STAR: Did you see what was below the boots?

JACK: It appears that there are peanut butter and jelly sandwiches stuck to all 8 soles! That is why he chugs on.

STAR: He slogs on – it is a highly unenlightening thing to hear and see.

JACK: There is no debate about that.

STAR: There can be, actually, if we wanted it to.

JACK: How is a slog enlightening?

STAR: Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, Jack.

JACK: But it is hideous!

STAR: Not to the hideous.

JACK: To be hideous is to be hideous.


JACK: You are a mind-warp, but you are right.

Strutting with style and her nose up to the air, comes Daphne. And you would not believe the catastrophe that follows behind. It’s hard to watch. The great and powerful God Apollo, crawling, whimpering and begging on his knees upon the Divine Ground that Daphne struts upon.

APOLLO: You are a fool, Daphne!

DAPHNE: And this is what you win my heart with? Insult?

STAR: Yea, you’re the God on your knees, Apollo.

JACK: Can’t you see he is stricken with curse, Star?

APOLLO: IT IS NO CURSE! There is a binding connection! It has been so for millions of years.

DAPHNE: HA! Millions of years, you say? You have been around for less, Apollo, and so have I.

APOLLO: The skin is skin, we have been here for time-eternal.

DAPHNE: Have not.

APOLLO: Have too, Daphne!

DAPHNE: That’s crap!

JACK: ENOUGH! Ero’s! This is your mess. What do we do?

STAR: Yea, these two cannot even talk it out!

EROS: Talk it out… Talk it out… Got it.

Ero’s bends, twists and twirls like a dreidel, and rockets up into the sky.

JACK: Do you hear that?

STAR: Sounds like…

APOLLO & DAPHNE: Game show music?

Eros returns, dressed to impress, in a tux with a microphone in hand.

EROS: Ladies & Gentlemen! Gods & Naiads! Pumpkin heads & Star heads! Welcome!

APOLLO: Welcome to what?

DAPHNE: Yea, what is this nonsense?

EROS: Welcome to: The Eros Games.

ALL: Eros Games?


DAPHNE: Ugh, what is Eros Games?

EROS: Fun, and loving; don’t forget the loving– DEBATE!


JACK: Your ears are full of wax, Eros?

STAR: Yea, they cannot even talk it out!

Eros snaps his fingers, lightning strikes, and two podiums fall from Mount Olympus above, only to land standing before Jack & Star.

EROS: Ah, but you two can.



EROS: Star represents Daphne, and Jack is team Apollo. 3 topics: Humanity, Connection and Age.


Daphne snarls at Apollo.

EROS: At least they agree on something folks! Folks? Where are all the folks?

A school of Slogs emerge from the hills and surround the arena.

EROS: At least they agree on something, Folks!

The slogs laugh, low frequency of course.

EROS: Ah, such a beautiful audience. Give yourself a round of applause.

The slogs applaud with their feet & stomp on their jelly sandwiches.

EROS: Lovely! We’ll pretend that’s lovely. Topic 1: Humanity. Is it cursed or blessed? Hopeful or Lost?


DAPHNE: That’s right, Star!

JACK: Lost.

APOLLO: I’m afraid it is, Jack.

DAPHNE: Oh please, Apollo! You are just in love with destruction.

APOLLO: It’s not All of me!


JACK: Daphne says Apollo loves destruction. Expand on that, Star.

STAR: He is the God of Plague!

JACK: The plagues are his?

STAR: They are.

JACK: Do you know what else he is, Star.

STAR: What is he?

JACK: The Healer.

STAR: The bringer of plague, and the healer?

JACK: This is so, the plague wouldn’t be necessary if hope was abundant.

STAR: But people are people, Jack.

JACK: Humans are very lost today, Star.

STAR: But people are people, Jack! There is always a strand of hope, a possibility for redemption; for saving. What happens when you mark them hopeless? What happens when YOU have no hope for them?

JACK: Destroy and renew. Plaugue.

STAR: Oh come off it! This is how you handle humanity? Toss them in the garbage bin?

JACK: The recycling bin. The soul is always recycled, never dead.

STAR: Is that what you do when you are losing a board game? You don’t keep trying? You don’t even finish? You chuck the pieces at the wall and destroy it?

JACK: People are very lost today, Star!

STAR: And so hope is dead? Human beings cannot be redeemed? Not all are zombies, Jack.

JACK: Not all die in a plague, Star.

STAR: Children die in plagues! Are children hopeless?

JACK: Well, no.

STAR: Border line. People are always on a border line, Jack. There is hope. People do redeem themselves.

JACK: Well, of course somepeople are amendable.

EROS: Do we have acquiescence, Jack?

JACK: Some people are hopeful, some are not – you must concur to that, at least.

STAR: I disagree. Everyone is hopeful, it’s just that some won’t get it. But everyone is; Hope is not to be abandoned, Jack.

APOLLO: I acquiesce.

DAPHNE: You do?

JACK: So do I.

EROS: DING! DING! DING! We have an acquiescence. Star, you STAR! One for you, zilch for Jack. Connection. Where lies connection on the vast scale> Is Apollo & Daphne’s connection important?


DAPHNE: Connections happen all the time, Apollo. All are connected, it doesn’t mean two beings have to connect and remain.

APOLLO: Nonsense!


JACK: We’ll, there’s certainly a connection.

STAR: I’ll concur with that, but it’s not everything.

JACK: But it’s not nothing. It depends how vast.

APOLLO: It is vast.

DAPHNE: It’s not everything, Apollo.

JACK: How so, Daphne? How is connection not everything when it is everything? To connect is to create, to add to, to burgeon, to grow, to birth takes connection! When two beings have a vast connection, it’s a completion of some sort. They assist in one another’s evolution, they feel right.

DAPHNE: I don’t feel right!

JACK: You ignore the connection! You remove the magnetism from the magnet.

STAR: You and Apollo do have very similar intelligence, Daphne. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you were twins.

DAPHNE: Artemis is his twin, not I.

APOLLO: Stubborn Daphne. You’re being stubborn. You fight connection? Connection is the most highly regarded principle of life; flesh lives not without spirit – it is connection. I know you know this.

DAPHNE: FINE. There is a vast connection. But it doesn’t matter because you’re so young, Apollo.

EROS: Is that acquiescence I hear?

DAPHNE: Yes, I acquiesce.

EROS: DING! DONG! DANG! Winner, winner chicken dinner!

The slogs applaud.

EROS: Next, Age – does it matter?


APOLLO: You are superficial!

DAPHNE: It is not me I’m worried about!

STAR: It’s you, Apollo. You are much younger than Daphne.

JACK: So what if he is, Star?

STAR: The young and beautiful Apollo does not age. Daphne will become weathered; jaded, she fears.

JACK: But there is no jadedness in soul.

DAPHNE: He will find me jaded!


DAPHNE: Time tries a man, it will fade.

JACK: He is not superficial, Daphne.

APOLLO: I see nothing but your green eyes and your intellect; nothing but your passion and wisdom. I see no flesh. I see no material, but only spirit. I care not for look but for spark. Connections last, especially the really great ones.

DAPHNE: But I know that you will find me jaded.

APOLLO: If that is what you think, then you know me not.

JACK: How do you claim to know when you have avoided him for all of these years, Daphne?


JACK: Eros, look what you’ve done. You wasted a connection. You wasted Time. Your folly ruined Apollo, and your anti-love dart unknowingly ruined Daphne as well.

DAPHNE: Dart? Eros. Did you prick me?

EROS: What if I did? Time is not wasted when something is worth the wait, Jack.

DAPHNE: I acquiesce.