Once Upon a Time, in a Timeless State of Mind…

There was a sword fight betwixt two Ants – Admiral Black and General Red. They engage in dispute and take their unholy battle up the terrain and onto the belly of Jack, the Pumpkin Headed Son of the Earth. Jack sits up and picks up Admiral Black and General Red.

Jack:  You are going to kill each other with swords, are you? And for what cause?

Admiral Black:  Wisdom is mine, Red!

General Red:  Not if I conquer it, Black!

Jack:  You conquer nothing. You are boys in a school fight. Where is the Wisdom that you lay claim to slay for? Nay, not hither. The only ones who engage in fight are the ones who cannot triumph in argument.

Admiral Black: (clears throat) I am no simpleton. I triumph all arguments.

General Red:  Ha! You are just an old bug. It is I, in fact, who triumphs all arguments.

Admiral Black:  It is war, Red!

General Red:  I come to destroy, Black!

Admiral Black:  Anthill at dawn.

General Red:  I will march the soldiers.

Jack:  And I will be the Godly Judge of this War of Words.

Ants Go Marching.

(Left, left, left right, left…)

Admiral Black:  Halt!

General Red:  Halt!

Admiral Black:  Swords sheathed!

General Red:  Swords sheathed!

Admiral Black:  Minds full!

General Red:  Minds Full!

Admiral Black:  Let us speak!

General Red:  Let us speak!

In the crux of the swarm of Soldier Ants, Admiral Black and General Red greet. Jack, the Godly Judge, bends down.

Jack:  Admiral, General, I see you are Gentlemen today. It is a noble thing to see a sword that is sheathed.

Admiral Black:  Let us spill the blood of the mind.

General Red:  I will have your psyche on a plate.

Admiral Black:  Carry on, Judge.

General Red:  Bombs away, Judge.

Jack:  Thy first wager of this war will be pained towards a stumpy hand and foot situation. Adjust your eyes to the light of day, Gentlemen, and hearken. There in the cornfield is

Battle I.

Over yonder in the cornfield is a quandary that requires a heavy heart. It is a man with no hands whose career it is to cut the ears of corn off of the stalk. Sitting nearby is a man with no feet.

No Hands Man:  Excuse me sir, if you do not mind, I could use a helping hand.

Hear this, the man with no feet does not want to help, but is not strong hearted enough to deny his wish.

No Feet Man:  Indeed, I will.

With a slip, there is a cutting accident, and the No Feet Man loses his hands.

No Hands Man: (eyes the hands) Sir, can I have these?

Hear this, the man with no feet and now no hands does not want to give up his hands, but is not strong hearted enough to deny his wish.

No Man:  Sure, can I have your feet?

Full Man:  No Sir, I am sorry, but I do need those.

Admiral Black:  Blasphemy!

General Red:  Cold hearted!

Jack:  Who is in the wrong, Gentlemen?

Admiral Black:  Certainly, it is the fellow who asked for the help in the first instance.

General Red:  Assuredly!

Jack:  Ah, but he had no hands to chop his corn, Gentlemen. Certainly it was not wrong of him to ask someone blessed with hands for a helping hand.

Admiral Black:  But the man lacked feet, Judge!

General Red:  Hast thou not taken eye of him crawling around to each stalk for a cut?

Admiral Black:  And then to lose his hands as well, and pay them forward!

General Red:  The generosity!

Admiral Black:  The nobility!

Jack:  Is it noble to be a slave, Gentlemen? For this man backstabbed his own heart and surrendered to an ideology that left him with the prize of what? What did this man receive in return?

Admiral Black:  Zilch!

General Red:  Poor man, it is uneasy for my heart to witness such a nobleman be stripped of all his limbs.

Jack:  Hath you not an ear of corn to hear? This nobleman is in the wrong.

Admiral Black & General Red:  How dare!

Jack:  It is true, Gentlemen. It is important to not be too kind in a world where the Darkness is Libra scaled with the Light. To be untruthful in his generosity when the blood in his heart wanted not to assist twas his own downfall, and down his hands fell. To be an angel is to be a jellyfish, to be a jellyfish with a backbone is to be a balanced Deity. This man is too much Angel, for he dost not possess the backbone that the Devil does provide for all, and so he stalls his heart with a stale “Yes” when his heart does long for a crisp “No”. And so, he has lost himself. He is a prisoner of kindness, and so now he is a prisoner of life with his four stubby limbs. For sometimes honesty hurts, Gentlemen, but to lose your limbs loses you like Armageddon.

Admiral Black:  This Devil went and stole this kind man’s only hands, Judge.

Jack:  Ah, you hinder the words of the incident, Admiral Black, which is the Devil inside of yourself as well. He dost not steal, like the Devil that you devilishly proclaim him to be – he hath politely asked, and the man hath politely surrendered with killing killer kindness whilst not surrendering to the singing song sung in his drumming chest.

General Red:  Ah, but in the end, this Devil did not provide the man with his feet, Judge.

Jack:  Aught he to? Aught any man to chop his feet for a trade? This is the misery of madness that I teacheth on. He followed his stern heart and kindly retorted back with a balanced care: “No Sir, I am sorry, but I do need those.”- is this the remark of a Devil? It is the Good Cold Truth, and so he picked the lock of the chains linked around his heart and liberated it – and so now this free man is a Full Man.

General Red:  This is a negative tale.

Jack:  Not for the Full Man, General Red.

Admiral Black:  For the Full Man, it is Divine.

Jack:  Very wise, Admiral Black, I will honorably hand you Battle I., as I keenly spy out that you do possess the point inside of your heart.

General Red:  Let it be yours, Black. For I feel this loss has won me a growth of Wisdom.

Jack:  Of your War of Words, here is

Battle II.

Jack:  Over yonder, if you do your best to tilt your head and spy out the Valley, there is a Court Fool stumbling along with a blindfold veiling his sight.

Court Fool:  I am blind! I am blind, I say, I am blind!

Jack:  Do you assist this Fool or do you allow this fool to persist?

Admiral Black:  Ah, you approach this Fool with a heart of gold, and remove the blindfold.

Jack:  What good is it to give a man a bar of gold for living life like a bar none fool? Dost one also give the world to a child, unearned?

General Red:  Nay, Black. You allow the Court Fool to persist in his folly. He will sort out his wisdom on his own.

Jack:  What if the fool remains wisdom-less until death, General Red?

General Red:  It is deserving.

Jack:  Oh, so now your heart is a blizzard!

General Red:  Numskulls irk me, and this fool has a lamebrain. Let the oaf carry on.

Jack:  You are wrong as well, General Red.

Admiral Black & General Red:  Both? How so?

Jack:  There is a better way, Gentleman.

Admiral Black:  There are only two ways, Judge.

General Red:  It is one way or the other way, Judge.

Jack:  You are stuck stones, are you? You are a slave to the number 2? Dost this world consist of but 2 lonesome ideas? The eternal infinitude of God, dost you not know that all creation is his? Then so be it with all Ideas as well – there is no end. You slip and sink into the quicksand of a Right and a Wrong; a Dark and a Light; a God and a Devil, you skew the Libra whilst ignoring the balancing act of these central two poles. Is there no Middle Way, Gentlemen?

The Court Fool stumbles onto the battlefield with his blind eyes cloaked in the blackened fabric.

Court Fool:  I am blind! I am blind, I say, I am blind!

Admiral Black:  Pardon I, Sir, but you do have a blindfo –

General Red:  –No! No, you do not. Tell me, Court Fool, what color are your eyes?

Court Fool:  Have you not eared out my plight? I am blind, I say! It is tragedy.

General Red:  Sir, you are indeed blind to yourself, and so I am sorry for the circumstance that the Devil of this world has burdened upon you. Whilst I do not think that anything can be done about your blindness, which is an unfortunate catastrophe that you will have to suffer until you are but food for the worms underneath of the ground, but perhaps the magical lake down the bend can bless you on some blooming clarity of how to obtain a flowering mind. Cleanse your eyes with the water and feel the reflection of yourself. Report back with the color.

Admiral Black:  Here, Fool, I will shift you in the correct quarter, do walk straight.

Admiral Black, with his understanding of General Red’s tricky wisdom, shifts the Court Fool towards his destined direction, and the Fool stumbles down to the lake. He cleanses his eyes and comes to feel that there is a blindfold blinding him. He removes it and reports back.

Admiral Black:  Ah, the Court Fool has returned.

General Red:  Report to me, Court Fool. What is the color?

Court Fool:  Open.

The Court Fool skips off juggling, with open eyes.

Jack:  Bravo, General Red, bravo. It is fine-tuned, figured out and mastered. Better to lead in the direction with a Devil’s trick, than to provide the entire world with one big bang; better to lead in the direction with a Devil’s trick, than to provide no escape from a dismal cave. You are growing wiser by the battles, Gentlemen.

Admiral Black:  Let it be yours, Red. For I feel this loss has won me a growth of Wisdom.

Battle III.

Jack:  Let us divide a school of Ants, Gentlemen.

Admiral Black and General Red withdraw their battle helmets to itch their heads.

Admiral Black:  Ants, yes, Ants, ok.

General Red:  Sure, sure, Ants.

Jack:  On one side of the school we have the Good Ants; on the other side, the Bad Ants.

Admiral Black:  Ants, yes, Good, ok.

General Red:  Sure, sure, Bad Ants.

Jack:  And on every Saturn’s Day all the Good Ants mix together to partake in their underage cocktails with their bubbly drinks, and engage in devilish words about the Bad Ants to catapult their heightened egos.

Good Ants:  Look at us, Good Ants. We are the Good of the Bad, we follow rules and do as we are told, and so in God’s bright eyes, it is WE who are indeed IT.

Jack:  Little do the Good Ants know, that every Saturn’s Day all the Bad Ants mix together, and they partake in their underage cocktails with their bubbly drinks, and engage in devilish words about the Good Ants to catapult their heightened egos, as well.

Bad Ants:  Such goodie-goodies those Good Ants are, are they even real? Are they even unique? Do they stir up any trouble at all? Dullards. Those Good Ants think that they are IT, but they are not it, WE are IT.

Jack:  Who trophies the win?

General Red:  They both do win, which is to say as well, that they both do lose, because each one has won with false pride, and so both have won, which implies that both have lost to each other.

Admiral Black:  Such sorry fools, they are. Dost neither side realize with real eyes that they rely on one another to flare up and blast their catapulting egos? What is it that perfects your goodness, Good Ants, and stabilizes it? It is the unperfected badness of the Bad Ants on the opposite side of the tracks. There is no Good Ant without a Bad Ant to show you what you are.

Jack:  Speak to me, General Red, is happiness assured with a catapulted ego?

General Red:  Nay, it is a cheap and flimsy high that tinkers like a fraudster’s mind; it is never satisfied and forever thirsty. For if they would just seek to stare outside of themselves, they would realize the whimsical plight and eye out the trickery of the illusive illusion that is already resolved behind the velvet red curtain on the stage of Life’s Play. They would tip and take their hats off to each other and provide warm thanks for providing them with a standing limb.

Admiral Black:  They are catapulted up by each other.

General Red:  And so, they are each other.

Court Fool:  Open eyes.

Full Man:  You are full.

No Man:  I feel this loss has won me a growth of Wisdom.

Ants Go Marching, back together.

Jack:  Abracadabra.