Once Upon a Time, in a Timeless State of Mind…

If you lend me some labor and doeth your almighty best to direct diametrically your spectacles up on high of the redwood tree that stands before you, you will scantily but assuredly eye out with your dialed lens-adjustment of what proclaims itself to be an eagle’s nest – where Bodhi the Buddhist Bullfrog sits perched in meditation. A gorilla named Bessy Beast swings from vine to vine in pursuit of a vampire bat that has pirated her Crown of Pearls.

Bessy Beast: Wing-fingered rodent! No mercy is my mercy! Hand me back that Crown of Pearls – for it is I who am the Beast of All Being!

At this slick flicker in Time, Bodhi lashes out his tongue, loops the crown of pearls, hooks it to a vine, and slips it over Bessy’s 2 feet in mid-air – hanging her by the ankles, amidst the high altitudes of the Redwood Forest.

Bessy: Ha! Got it.

Bodhi: Ha! You are gotten.

Bodhi & The Beast.

Bessy: I am never gotten. I am the Beast of All Being.

Bessy bends up her upper body in hopes for liberation from her shackling Crown of Pearls; Bodhi tugs on a nearby vine that bombards Bessy Beast with flaring jolts that fail her.

Bodhi: No, it is quite true. You are gotten.

Bessy: It is quite true that I will smash you once I am liberated from this trap!

Bodhi: So much anger, have you even gotten room to think?

Bessy: What is your purpose, you toad? You are high in the sky, and so you think that you have power?

Bodhi: Power?

Bodhi tugs on the vine that bombards Bessy Beast with flaring jolts.

Bodhi: Power. I am Bodhi the Buddhist Bullfrog. I have conquered the earth, and so I scale these great lengths with the elixir of life.

Bessy: Curse your words, I do not care! Set me free, Frog!

Bodhi: It is not well to see red in a world that harvests many colors. There is a blind spot that sacrifices yourself that must be rinsed clean and purified. Dost you not know that it is your own anger that rips and ruins wrathfully your own wretched day? Your own self, you tear apart willingly, to live forever an unenlightening life-time. It is not well to see red in a world that harvests many colors. What is your name?

Bessy: I am the Beast of All Beings, Bessy Beast.

Bodhi: Well Bessy Beast, who proclaims herself to be the Beast of All Beings, since I am the Beast of your present order; the God of your current predicament, allow me to offer you your Liberation in exchange for a journeying Game – where the stakes are mighty high.

Bessy: What is the Holy Grail?

Bodhi: Once you have it, you will know.

With the vine in his webby-hand, Bodhi the Buddhist Bullfrog frog-leaps onto Bessy Beast, and slowly releases his grip so as to descent them down to the Divine Dirt. In a quick fit, Bessy Beast wrestles with slipping the Crown of Pearls off of her ankles – the attempt falls flat.

Bodhi: You know you are gotten, you know? You are gotten before being gotten up there. You are gotten twice. In one whipping. It is a lovely thing that you are a slave to your own Crown of Pearls. Allow me to guide you in your psychic travels, so that you may be free from the enslavement of your mind of yourself. It is much more fun, the world that I am living in, as your soul longs for the Heavens that I have. And as well, you are a slave at the moment with no choice, as I am your God, so let us play the Game.

Bodhi unleashes his tongue and steals a banana-bunch from a banana-tree.

Bodhi: Resources. Trust in Nature.

Bodhi slings the banana-bunch high in the air and a Chimp swings on by and snags the bunch.

Chimp: Well, well, it is my lucky day. So lovely when the sweetened fruits of life befallen blissfully into one’s own hungry hands.


GAME I. Get the Banana.

Bessy reaches towards the Chimp’s banana-bunch; Chimp cracks one off of the stem and then cracks Bessy in the forehead with it.

Chimp: Ha!

Bessy: Give me a banana or I will smash you once I am liberated from this trap, Chimp.

Bessy reaches towards the Chimp’s banana-bunch again; Chimp cracks her again.

Bessy: Chimp!

Chimp: Hardy, har, har. Twice is nice, you know what I mean?

Bessy: I am the Beast of All Being! Hand it over you monk! Hand it over you chimpanzee! Hand it over or I will smash you once I am liberated from this trap! I am the Beast of All Being! I am the Beast of All Being! I am the Beast of All Being!

Chimp: So much false pride, have you even gotten room to think, Beast?

Bodhi: Resources or temper tantrums, Bessy? Trust in Nature.

Bessy ponders for a moment, and tilts her vision downward at the Crown of Pearls that bind her ankles.

Bessy: Resources?

With a sorry face, she pops off a pearl.

Bessy: (holds up pearl) Rotten Chimp, how about a trade?

Chimp: (takes pearl) Twice is nice, you know what I mean?

Bessy: You are a cheater, and a thief, Chimp. One is enough, I will not.

Bodhi: Blow out, Bessy. Let go. You are trapped with this option so why fight the concrete? Ought one to fight the unstoppable Grim Reaper from showing up? There are two instances of fighting a concrete wall: 1. It dost not move or break. 2. It dost collapse on top of you. Blow out, Bessy. Let go.

Bessy: (removes 2nd pearl) Here, Chimp.

The Chimp makes the trade and flees with a giggle.

Bodhi: AUM … AUM … AUM …

Bessy: What is this noise that you pronounce? It warms up my soul.

Bodhi: It is the Sound of the Universe. It is the Birth, the Journey and the Death – and then it is the Birth once again from the Silence. For “AUM” Births in the back of the throat with the “A”, Journeys and fills up the mouth’s center with the “U”, and Dies with the shutting of the lips on the “M” – and then there is the Mystical Silence, which out of it comes Birth again; and so the cycle goes – ad infinitum. The Chimp was correct in his stance, your pride rides high. Can you beat a Cheetah in a race?

Bessy: Given there are trees, I am the Beast of All Being.

Bodhi: Then you shall risk it for a Pearl.

Bessy: And when I victor?

Bodhi: One footstep closer, one foot at a time.

A Cheetah prowls on by.

Cheetah: What a pretty Pearl you have… I will possess it in the end, or I will be your Grim Reaper.

Bessy: A race to the nearest perimeter of the Redwood Forest victors the Pearl.


GAME II. Race the Cheetah.

Off to the races, Bessy grips a vine and swings through the sky whilst the Cheetah treads swiftly down below. Lo, the Cheetah gains lead, and wouldn’t you believe the masterful trick that she has to play on Bessy Beast: Gnawing and clawing, she twisters around the trunks of the redwood trees that are in Bessy’s path, and down they fall…

Bessy: Cheating Cheetah!

The Cheetah victors.

Cheetah: The Pearl or the Grim Reaper, Beast.

Bessy: You are a cheating Cheetah, I will not. One ought to not fight the unstoppable Grim Reaper from showing up, says Bodhi.

Bodhi hops on by.

Bodhi: Nay, Bessy. You crinkle and crunch my wise words. Ought one to die a pitiful death for a pitiful pride? To choose your death is one thing; for Nature to steal you is the unstoppable other. Noble He Who Nobly Lives.

Bessy: Noble She Who Nobly Lives.

Bodhi: That as well, Beast.

Bessy pops off a Pearl.

Bessy: (hands over pearl) Death to the Grim Reaper.

Cheetah: (prowls away) Hail Death.

Bodhi:  AUM … AUM … AUM …

With eyes shut in meditation, Bodhi reveals in the palm of his webby-hand 3 Pearls. 

Bessy: My Pearls.

Bodhi opens his eyes.

Bodhi: How about a trade. My 3 Pearls for your Liberation.

Bessy: My Crown of Pearls?

Bodhi: The Holy Grail.

Bessy: I…

Bodhi: Blow out, Bessy. Let go.

Bessy: Free me.

Bodhi: For only one may free oneself – one foot at a time, Beast.

Bessy frees herself, one foot at a time. She places the Crown of Pearls on Bodhi’s head, and Bodhi hands her the 3 Pearls.


GAME III. Conquer the Crown.

Bessy: Resources. Trust in Nature.

At this explosive moment of Divine Inspiration, Bessy slings 2 of the Pearls up into the sky; the Chimp leaps from a redwood and snags the 2 Pearls, and then swings and swipes the Crown of Pearls off of Bodhi’s head. Chimp then drops the Crown of Pearls down to the Cheetah who runs it over to Bessy Beast and crowns her, in exchange for the 3rdPearl.

Bodhi: Blow out.

Bessy: AUM … AUM … AUM …