Oftentimes I think of simplistic communication in a tricky-matrix kind of way, where, for example, if I can paint the sample of:

2 Men Talking.

Now then, these 2 Men are 2 unique individual souls with their own 2 limited experiences. But, they are 2 English speaking men that can understand the same things, and so, they can agree or disagree with each other in relation to understood words.

Let us say that they undoubtably agree about something with each other – and let’s say that that something is:


These 2 Men agree on this; they both Love Frog Races.

(a commonality)

But, although on the plain boring surface both of them mutually concur and feel the same way about Frog Races – they, unknowingly, do NOT mutually concur on the hidden intentions behind their indisputable Love for Frog Races.

(not much in common after all)

You see, 1 of these Men love frog races because he harvests a grotesque gambling problem, and would bet thin-air on a frog just to stuff his addictive animalistic void for cheap fleeting pleasure.

And the other 1:

You see, the other was an oddity. Because this Man, this other Man, was brought up by his parents with vile hatred – and was taught that HATE was LOVE.

And so he says “I LOVE FROG RACES” because he HATES frogs, and adores the capture & enslavement of All Living Things.


For the mundane humanity who slumbers on the discomforting blanket of the surface of infinity:

“I Love Frog Races.”

And then they go blindly about their day with their common cause for frog races.


I could also dive into the many ways that Luciferic Corruption rises-up a Noble Cause (commonality) with corrupted anti-noble invisible-intentions behind it (not much in common after all).

But, then again, I guess I just did.

-Jack O’Lantern