Once Upon a Time in a Timeless State of Mind… Hades, the Underworld, blossoms up a ring of fire that spins in the air on high. Jack, the Pumpkin Headed Son of Earth, is birthed and spit out of it, and lands on a boulder in the midst of the Hades Boiling River.

Jack: I am deceased, or I am visiting? I am alone, or where is…


Hades, the Greek God, surfs the ring of fire, and lands on the rock next to Jack.

Hades: Ah, home sweet home. Do you like what I have done with the place, Jack?

Jack: It is quite gothic, Hades.

Hades: Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, Jack.

Jack: Well then, who am I to say that something is a factual drudge – so long as the eyes of another manifest it to be so in their heart. This river boils, Hades, and it reeks with the scent of burnt metal.

Hades: Brass, Jack.

Jack: Brass?

Hades: Bass.

Jack: Bass or brass, Hades?

Hades: You are crisscrossed?

Jack: I am.

Hades: Then it is both.


The river’s boiling bubbles hasten, and a Skeleton Bass, double the size of Jack, rises to the river’s surface.

Skeleton Bass: Behold, the Brass Altar…

The boiling bubbles hasten some more, and a tall brass altar rises up above the water’s surface. At the steeple of this brass altar is a brass Cross that burns red.

Jack: So, it is true that it is both – Bass & Brass. Perhaps I comprehend the symbolism, partially. Metal and silver and coin and gold is of your abode, Hades. The money of the World belongs to you, as the Underworld is where the pentacles are, and the pentacles are in your hands; and so, the World’s Resources are Under-World. Mr. Skeleton Bass, on the other hand, is symbol-less until my mind is set right. What is your symbolism, Sir?

Bass: Well, it is well that you should ask, Jack, as I am the bridge betwixt the world-gap, and the sailboat before the yonder shore. I am the crossover and the crosser and the crossing and the cross; but in order for you to crossover, I need that Cross on the top of that altar’s crux.

Jack: The one brass that burns red, Bass?

Bass: Yes, that is the one.

Jack: For what good is it to fetch the Cross if it only turns your hand into ash?

Hades: “Only” as in “One”? There is only one way, Jack?

Jack scratches his pumpkin-head.

Jack: Is there only one way for God?

Jack cracks a rib-bone off of Skeleton Bass, and then he snaps off the rest of the ribs, and then he spins them together, and then he dismantles the spine, and then he creates a giant claw.

Jack: Immortal Bones.

Hades: Resources of the Underworld.

Jack reaches and claws and snags the burning red Cross.

Hades: Do tell me, Jack, what is the point of capturing a Cross for a Bass that is now baseless?

Jack scratches his pumpkin-head.

Jack: “Point” as in “One”? Is there only one way for God?

Jack dismantles the boney invention and puts Skeleton Bass back together again, with the burning red Cross mounted and sticking up from his spine.

Bass: Such a magical thing it is to die for the Cross to attain the Cross. Hop on and let us crossover to the yonder shore.

Hades: Fire, Jack. You’re on fire.

Hades & Jack step onto Skeleton Bass and crossover to the yonder shore.

Jack: Look at all of these snails, Hades.

A monumental quantity of snails flee from the river.

Jack: They are fleeing from the river and making way for some specific cause.

Hades: The cause lies where, Jack?

Jack: Where do the snails go, Hades?

Hades: Let us lie for the cause of seeing where the cause lies.

From the Skeleton Bass, Hades & Jack lie down onto the bed of traveling snails, and travel where they travel.

Jack: Lo…

The school of snails’ halt and bend their necks skyward towards a Silver Helmet that rests at the peak of Silver Sword Mountain: a mountain that is made of silver swords.

Jack: That is a sharp climb, Hades.

Hades: It is so lovely how a positive natural resource of life may become a threatening stab to one’s own negative situation. Certainly, the Devil is in All.

Jack: What good is it to fight an army of silver swords for an armor that was needed for the fight at first?

Hades: “First” as in “One”? There is only one way, Jack?

Jack scratches his pumpkin-head.

Jack: Is there only one way for God?

Jack takes 2 snail shells, pops out the snails and turns them into slugs, and then slips a shell onto each foot.

Jack: Immortal Shells.

Hades: Resources of the Underworld.

With the snail shells on his feet; Jack skates up Silver Sword Mountain, attains the Silver Helmet, and puts it on his pumpkin-head.

Hades: Fire, Jack. You’re on fire.

Jack disappears.

Jack: Holy Hell Hound.

Jack removes the invisibility helmet and is found that he has arrived at the fiery exit Gates of Hell, where Cerberus, the Hound of Hades with 3 heads, stands shackled and on guard of departing souls. Hades arrives.

Hades: Immortal Souls, Jack.

Jack: Resources of the Underworld.

Jack slips the invisibility helmet on, flicks Cerberus in one nose, pokes him in another eye, and tugs on one of his 6 ears. Cerberus devours himself – and then morphs into Hade’s Golden Scepter, with a Red Ruby on the top of it.

Hades: Ah, I was searching for that.

Jack takes the Golden Scepter and hands it to Hades.

Jack: That is all you were searching for? Just that one thing?

Hades: One thing? Is there only one way for God?

Hades pops the Red Ruby off of the Golden Scepter and hands it to Jack.

Hades: 11 more Red Rubies until you become an Olympian, Jack.

Jack: There is only one way for God.

Hades: One? Is there only one lesson here, as well?

Jack: Immortal Bones are Immortal Shells of Immortal Souls.

Hades: Fire, Jack. You’re on fire.