Once Upon a Time in a Timeless State of Mind…   Hera, the Greek Goddess, was swaying in a hammock attached to 2 mountaintops. Like a flower, Jack, the Pumpkin Headed Son of Earth, blooms from a mountain’s peak.

Jack: You look calmly blissful in that position, Hera. What do you meditate upon up here in the sky?

Hera: There is so much to wonder about, Jack. Must you appoint me to point out 1 single thing?

Jack: You are not stuck on 1 thought?

Hera: If I am stuck, am I meditating?

Jack: If you are stuck, you are opposing meditation.

Hera: Mind like a spider, Jack.

Jack: Mind like a spider, Hera?

Hera: It is the Hidden Goal of All Mankind.

Jack: What is that, Hera?

Hera: To get the mind to weave.

Jack: Without getting stuck in the web.

Hera: Like the spider.

Jack: Like the spider.

From a cloud, a spider drops down next to Jack and begins to weave.

Jack: Tell me, Spider, what is your name?

Spider: Meditation.

Jack: You are the Hidden Goal of All Mankind.