Once Upon a Time in a Timeless State of Mind…    Jack, the Pumpkin Headed Son of Earth, was swimming in the sky. A cloud manifests into a throne, and Jack takes a break.

Jack: It is perfected timing or God’s intervention?

From a second cloud, the Greek God Hermes manifests.

Hermes: I am perfected timing or God’s intervention?

Jack: It depends on how you intervene, Hermes.

Hermes: If a Devil assists in a positive light, is the intervention his or God’s?

Jack: Is all positivity not of God?

Hermes: Is it not the Devil that makes God shine?

Jack: It is a partnership?

Hermes: There is a union there that needs to be.

Jack: Eve bit the apple.

Hermes: God planted the seed.

Jack: The serpent planted the temptation.

Hermes: Who created the serpent?

Jack: God.

Hermes: And so, the inference?

Jack: The serpent was a plant.

Hermes: There is a union there that needs to be.


Jack: I am still unsure of your interference, Hermes. Where is the intention inside of the mind?

Hermes: I am a trickster God, and a lying brute. But the question is as so: Is one truly a brute who lies to present a Noble Truth?

Jack: Is a lying tongue not the Devil’s?

Hermes: Suppose a being pursued the Devil inside of himself to shine God’s light.

Jack: That side of the Devil is rarely found, Hermes.

Hermes: Wise, Jack, but when it is – it is Sublime. For it is the Angels who say “Give us halos!” and the Devils who demand, “We want horns!” – but where is the balance, Jack? Where is the Temperance and the Libra Scale and the Spectrum? They are both skewed over to one small side! Hearken hither to my tongue: An Angel is an Angel and a Devil is a Devil, but give me the Angel with the Golden Horns – and there is a Deity who Knows.

Jack: There is a union there that needs to be.