Once Upon a Time in a Timeless State of Mind…            3 hearths burned in a room. Hestia, Greek Goddess of the Home and of the Hearth, sits forward in a rocking chair with a patient hand on her hip. Jack, the Pumpkin Headed Son of Earth, somersaults out of the 3rd fireplace.

Jack: I am back at Olympus, Hestia? Is this your room?

Hestia: Is every room not my room? Is the World not my room? Is every house, not my own? Feel the warmth of the fire, I am there. Feel the comfort of the abode, I am there. Feel the airs of the energies of the household, for I am right here. When you feel these things, it is I who am always around. Do sit, Jack.

A breeze blows some ash from the hearth, and a golden rocking chair manifests from the ashes.

Jack: (sits) That is quite a magic trick, Hestia.

Hestia: What is not a magic trick, Jack? Is not all of existence but just one big magic trick?

Jack: I suppose it is so. I suppose that the heart and the breath and the fire is just a magic trick as well.

Hestia: Just a magic trick, Jack?

Jack: It is such a comedic thing how vastly a thing is belittled when stabbed with a sticky-label across its illimitable existence.

The 3 fires roar.

Jack: Magic.

The 3 fires roar, again.

Hestia: Illimitable Existence.


Hestia: It is Task Time, Jack, so let us play a game:

The 3 Hearths of the Heart.

Hestia: How is your mind, Jack? Can you imagine?

Jack: Certainly, if I could not, there would be a tremendous issue, Hestia. For is it not the quality of mind that dictates a man’s enjoyment of life?

Hestia: Indeed, it is that, and only that, where real happiness stems from. Imagine something inside of your heart, Jack.

Jack: Heart? But your imagination is inside of your head, Hestia.

Hestia: All things flow from the heart, Jack.

Hearth #1A Horse & Carriage manifest.

Jack: The heart is the horse, and the carriage is the carrier of the mind.

Hestia: Praise to you, Jack.

Jack: But I do not feel my heart when my mind is moving, Hestia.

Hestia: Do you see with your eyes when you have a vision? Do you concentrate electrons to move your fingers? How many breaths have you told yourself to breathe today?

Jack: Zero.

Hestia: Ah, the Zero; the one that is like The God – with no beginning and no ending.

Hearth #2A Halo manifests.

Jack: The angel’s headwear traveled from my heart to my mind.

Hestia: Praise to you, Jack, you are making way quite nicely. But how about this…

The Halo transforms into a Serpent, who eats his own tail.

Jack: (mystified) He is devouring himself. And yet… there is a magick to this enchanting figure. In a way, he is like All. I am this world, and I eat this world. I eat the animals, I devour the living plants, and I feast on the blooming fruits – All Life is killed to contain All Life. Is it a tragedy, Hestia? Because I do not feel it to be so in my heart – as the feeling that I get is Neutrality.

Hestia: Neutrality is perfection, is it not, Jack? How can one lose a game that one is not competing in? Best to not be this way or that way, one sided or the other, Good nor the Evil – but to be above the both of them, which is the height of peeking existence.

Hearth #3The flames manifests into an ocean wave, that sustains a Red Ruby afloat at the top.

Jack: Balance.

Hestia: Praise to you, Jack.

Jack: Such a mystical thing, to see a wave maintain without a crash. It is like the unconscious waters keeping conscious, and keeping uniform. And a uniformed consciousness that heeds conscience uniformly drives the health of a being’s psyche into the cycle of evolution. Is there anything richer than a balanced consciousness; than a centered mind; than a house that is built upon a rock? To heed another’s words with a blindfold wrapped around the eyes, is just another grain of sand beneath a house that is sinking sideways on a beach.

Hestia: What is the antidote for a man who has had his house built upon the sand?

Jack: To let the heart of the horse carry the carriage of the mind.

Hestia: And where does this lead you to, Jack?

Jack: It leads you to the balanced serpent inside of yourself that wears the halo.

Hestia: Which slithers your consciousness to where, Jack?

Jack: To the becoming consciousness of the unconscious waters.

Hestia: Which is what, Jack?

Jack: Illimitable Existence.

Hestia: And so, a mindfully carried heart is the snake who wears the halo consciously in the unconscious waters.

Jack: Indubitably.

Hestia: Rise and steal the Red Ruby, Jack.

Jack stands and steals the Red Ruby from the ocean wave’s peak.

Jack: What is next, Hestia?

Hestia: Illimitable Existence, Jack.

The ocean wave reaches out and consumes Jack, and perishes him.