I wonder if anyone asks themselves as many questions as I do.

You know, there’s a reason as to why you aught to be always asking questions – reason being – it is the only way to get answers.

How does one get answers if one does not ask questions?

But then one says: “We’ll, I am the one asking the question, so how will I receive the answer?”

Have you never answered your own questions before? Have you never picked your brain and sorted something, that you did not know before, out? We do it all of the time. It’s just that many of us aren’t curious enough to keep it a constant; many aren’t spiritual enough to ask spiritual questions.

There’s a magick to intention, a legitimate magick. You’re intention manifests, within yourself & in the Cosmos, a gate that cannot be opened without your seeking of it.

Intention births possibility.

Question births potential.

But without the intended question – the gate remains shut.

You are One with the Spirit who is One with the Cosmos.

YOU have ALL of the Answers.

But, will you intend to get them?

Will you seek to find them?

I don’t know, but I hope that you do.

-Jack O’Lantern