There are 3 places that I travel to mostly, at this point in my life: my apartment, work and a park on a lake for thoughts & ideas. But this travel is a scarce happening in regards to where I truly go.

My entire journey is inward.

I encounter 33+ Symbols a day, naturally, which correspond to my passing thoughts in those moments.

I travel.

I travel far, I travel long, I have been traveling for the past 6 years – on my way to my apartment, work and the lake. So many places I’ve been – I’m even traveling now. What a journey; an invisible journey, that no eyes can see.

I’m a traveler.

It seems to me that this plane can only be entered into through the present moment. You must be present – even whilst engaged in THINKING, so that you can parallel Symbols to Thought.

When you begin to spy the symbols, the Journey will be spied.

– Jack