MARCH 15, 2013

There was a Strange & Supernatural night on MARCH 15, 2013,

whilst I lived about in Hollywood CA, at the top of a high hill on a road called IVAR ST. where my beaten apartment was located.





This paper will not be, too, long, as the tale is simple & elegant & not mind-warping.

It was the atmosphere and its intense realism that was the Mind-Warp;

not what had happened – as that happening is simple, which was predetermined & executed in that elegant sense, with purpose of Art, I believe.

At the top of IVAR ST. parallel to VINE nigh the HOLLYWOOD BLVD., there was a supernatural abduction, mid-night, on MARCH 15, 2013.

LO: And I was the Human Captive.

For, I was asleep when I was taken, but when I was returned, I was awake.

I will explain the memory, which is TRUE MEMORY and not DREAM MEMORY.

It is revealed here, as if yesterday:

For, I was not capable of turning my head to look around me, but, ‘twas obvious that I was in a flying ship – as my head was affixed forward at a supremely long & large curvature-window, with the black sky & bright stars beyond it.


Although I could not look away, I do know that I was a “Free Man”, standing-up, and capable of using my body & hands; I was not strapped down. As a matter of pure-fact, being strapped down would have substantially assisted me later, when I tell you, eventually, the substance of what had happened.


I want to tell you how I felt, in that moment, and what was heard, in that moment, prior to the simple show in the sky that they gifted me – which I will indeed get to, as I have said, eventually.


In regard to my Energetic Being & Emotion in that glitch of so-called-Time, I can profess to you that I was acutely confused and distressed, but, too, focused, as if I knew I was about to be displayed something with severity.

I am going to recall to you the sounds of what I had heard going on in the background, as I was leering out ahead into Outer Space.


It was almost certain that I was in a room by myself – as there were multiple voices muffled and chatty, seeming to be in a room behind where I was affixed.

These mysterious voices conjured up a frequency in the room, and I will explain how the tune was transcended:

It felt, in me in that moment, as though these others were scientists inspecting my being and my feelings. I was not saying anything aloud, but I could feel that they were tuning into me.


I could not understand any of their words, as they were muffled and fuzzy and seemed to all be communicating at once – but I had noticed that there were many questions, in regards to their energetic tones – which is why the Scientist/Lab Rat vibration was manifested and humming in my Psychic-Toner, via that glitch in So-Called-Time.

But, there is something else that is crucial, that I have not yet revealed.


The frequencies of these many voices produced the noises of my Family Members & Friend’s tones, which I knew of from Life. However, I understood in pure-fact, whilst on board that ship, that these inspectors were creating a Symbol. Of course, my Earth Friends & Family Members were not all aboard that ship.

But, my Space Friends & Family Members, were, in regards to:

The Symbol.

And this subtly comforted me, in that moment – though my energy was still acutely confused & distressed.

[NOTE1: That bit of Symbolic Symmetry introduced me to the Language of Symbolism from thence, forward. It was one key point of this trip.

NOTE2: I did not even have to learn that it was a Symbol, I just had known, like one knows a puzzle piece fits when he sees one.]

Then, my eyes were high-jacked & yanked tighter to the night-space outside of the elongated curvature window, and I had begun to feel something arise in the atmosphere’s gravity.

I will attempt to explain this happening as simplistic as I know how:

The gravity in the room, from SOUTH to NORTH/WEST, began to pull up.

I recall that I clutched tightly onto a silver rail in front of me, and was concentrated hard on Outer Space – whilst being more acutely confused & distressed, than I had already been.


There is a subtle matrix here that I think is necessary to mention. When gravity arose, and I clutched onto the silver rail, it was not my hands nor my muscles that were in strain – but my MIND – as the Focus of The Mind was the component of Order, in order to remain my feet planted on the ship’s floor.

I knew to do this, but know not how I knew.

The comprehension was organic in me, to use my Mind over my Body, in order to remain put from the heavy gravity-pull. And it was a sweat, and a battle, and a strain.


I have felt, as though, part of this procedure was to test the limit of my Mind, so that the captain & inspectors of the ship could inspect how I performed, mentally.

It is nay a fact, but only a ponder.


So, the gravity, manifesting slow, came to high-peak with me clutching with All Power to the rail of my Mind; and up birthed a Blue Planet in the Outer Space, that came up from S. to N.W, with the gravity-pull.

And the chaos had halted, and gravity was relaxed as I leered at the Blue Planet.

Soon again, the chaos occurred, and I clutched onto the rail of my Mind with All Power, and then, at high-peak, whilst my Mind was most flexed, a Red Planet had birthed.

And the chaos had halted, and gravity was relaxed as I leered at the Red Planet.

Soon again, the chaos occurred, and I clutched onto the rail of my Mind with All Power, and then, at high-peak, whilst my Mind was most flexed again, a Purple Planet had birthed.

And the chaos had halted, and gravity was relaxed as I leered at the Purple Planet, and the other 2 above it.


 A SHIFT was coming.

An Evolution of Energy.

A Change in The Game of The World,

and of The Universe,

and of myself –

which later had resulted into pure Golden Fact.


The Return Home was overtly strange.

On the ship, the gravity picked up again, but began to pull SOUTH, and it faded into black where I was up there; and I was sat up cross-legged on the edge of my bed – and my eyes bulged wide like 2 boulders. And then I rushed rapidly to check my body, as it felt that I had been utterly drenched in lukewarm water – but was, in fact, Sahara-dry.

It was my Soul slipping back into the warm & wet insides of my biology, I thought.

And then I had rushed to my desk to draw but 3 lousy planets.

The Return intrigued me, because it caused some kind of schism – and I enjoy schisms. You see, whilst I was up in that ship, I recall noticing my physical body and my clutching hands. But, it appears that my Soul – which we can call “Ones Purest Aspect” was what had been taken for travel.

It is as if I had possessed my material-body up there – but needed it not. And, in the end, came to realize that it never was up there.

Though, I am not, so, sure, that it wasn’t.

It could have been, it could have been not.

It is The Schism.

And it abducts my mind all of the time.

-Jack O’Lantern