Once Upon a Moon on a Breezy Night in June…

Jack, the Pumpkin Headed Son of Earth, sat with his sister, Jill, at the bottom of a hill, in a valley.

(There is a well at the top of this hill that shines silver.)

Jack:  This well only glows at the births of New Moons, Jill. Certainly there is a Magick at play that is persuading this light manifestation to form.

Jill:  Do you suspect that it is Black Magick or White Magick, Jack?

Jack: (scratches head) Seems to be of a certain make of gray.

Jill: (scratches head) Well, if it ain’t good nor bad, then what is it, Jack?

Jack: I think it’s above Good & Evil, Jill.

Jill: I want to climb up this hill.

Jack: I’ll go fetch the pail.


Jack & Jill begin their trek; an owl called Sophia lands on Jack’s shoulder.

Sophia: Who…who…whoever treks this hill, must split straight through the middle.

Jill:  What did she say, Jack?

Jack: Straight through the middle, Jill.

Jill: Ask her what it means, will you, Jack?

Sophia splits from Jack and lands on Jill’s shoulder.

Sophia: Nothing but the center, lives on forever.

Jack: What did she say, Jill?

Jill: Straight through the middle, Jack.

Sophia takes flight; a serpent named Psyche blocks the path.

Psyche: Sss…Center, center, do you know where the center isSs?

Jack: Do you ask for lack of knowledge, serpent, or do you ask to test my psyche?

psyche: The serpent testsSs…

Jack: It’s where ALL meets.

psyche: PasSs…

Psyche slides.

Jill: Hey, that was quite good, Jack.

Jack: What would you have said, Jill?

Jill:  In Eternity.

Jack:  Hey, that’s quite good too, Jill.

A giant skunk called Yin-Yang arrives.

Yin-yang: ALL ABOARD – to the center we go!

Jack: But the center is in you, giant skunk.

Jill: Yea, you cannot travel us to the center, because we are already here, giant skunk.

JACK O’LANTERN ASIDE:  Find yourself on a globe and point to it. Certainly, you are the center of the World. The problem lies in not indisputably knowing so. But, if you ever do sort this realization of veritas out, take CAUTION, because you might end up in the sky with the stars – while maintaining ground on dry land.

yin-yang: Than why do you two climb?

Jack: For the same reason that you breathe, giant skunk.

Yin-yang: Study my pattern – am I not a center as well?

Jack & Jill look at each other and shrug their shoulders, and then they hop on. The Giant Skunk rides Jack & Jill to the peak of the hill where the well glows Gray – like the Middle Way of Life; uncaught and unplayed by The Mind’s Illusory Game.

Jill: Do you have the pail, Jack?

Jack: For now I do, Jill.

Jack & Jill hop off and approach the well that glows gray beneath the moon.

Jill: Take some, Jack.

Jack ties the well-rope to the pail and lowers it.

Jack: Down it goes…

Jill: Up it comes…

Jack pulls up the pail and pours half of the glow back into the well.

Jack: Give & take, Jill.

Jill: Temperance, Jack.

Jack sets the pail onto the Divine Ground, and both of these innocently Divine souls bend forward to take a peek – and become quite enchanted…

Enchanted, not at the sight of the glow, but at the sight of themselves reflected inside of the glow.

Jill: So still…

Jack: So centered…

Jack falls forward into his reflection and into the pail – and vanishes. 



The Rhyme:

“Jack & Jill went up a hill to fetch a pail of water,

Jack fell down and broke his crown and Jill came tumbling after.”

CAUTION: There is grotesque error and crooked lines in the confines of this age-old rhyme… Because, Jack, didn’t fall down the hill. He fell straight through himself and into the Center.

And the broken crown of his head that this old rhyme spoke symbolically about was a brutal and violent misspelling. The crown of Jack’s head was not at all broke.

It was Awoke.

And Jill tumbled into Eternity after.

Jill: Straight through the middle, Jack!

Jack: What a relief, to be uncaught and unplayed by The Mind’s Illusory Game.

Jack O’Lantern: Stay Centered.




There is an image that was used that may help a devotee attain the center like Jack & Jill:

Take note of the word “observer”. The one who attempts to become the observer of his or her own unique specimen, and Masters that view, will attain the bliss of the Center. See yourself like God and spectate yourself from an outside eye. Watch your mind and convict your thoughts; morph your human avatar and Evolve.

Be not a lost player within the Game of Life, but rather, a Godly Spectator of the show life puts on.

You are the Universe.

Reverse yourself and Unite with it.

-Jack O’Lantern