I’m working on a little big book called JACKISM. It is religious doctrine; it is Mythos & Tale, like all religious doctrine is.

2023 will be the year of it’s birth.

But, while working on my doctrine, I will also be keeping a journal, which will be called Jack O’Lantern’s Journal. I began this journal a month ago, and although this notebook will be published, along with JACKISM; along with my book of 43 Fairy Tales,

I currently had a recent idea…

You see, the passages are quite short. I don’t believe in heavy length passages & chapters in a book – because that is not how you conquer the NON-READERS.

And that heavy majority is a mission of mine.

So, my idea was that, since I’ve had a 1 month head start with the journal, that perhaps I will post a passage here, in my playground, every singe day.

It is quite personal material. Inward utterances I can nay ever speak aloud. Oh well. Let I, Jack O’Lantern, share myself to those scarce few who may only see.

We’ll start tomorrow.

EXTRA: (important information)

I started this journal by cataloging a natural process that I was inwardly going through at the time.

It will bleed out to be about 17 short passages long.

After that process had ended, I began to write short passages of whatever soars to my intellect at the time of pen-pick-up. Those recollections will be recorded here post the 17 passage process.

The passage tomorrow will be the only lengthy one, because it is necessary in order for you to follow my long train of thought through the rest of the 17 passage cycle.

LO, you aught to read these coming 17 passages, in Order, to follow me on that journey. But, the passages that arrive after these 17 need NOT to be followed in left-brain order – each one will be it’s own entity, after 17.

And so, that being said, let us enter into the woods of

Jack O’Lantern’s Mind.