A Short Tale,

Once Upon a Time in a Timeless State of Mind… 

There was a Juggler juggling 3 colorful pins – Blue, Yellow & Red.

Juggler: Ah, look at me juggle. For without the power of prayer, I could not have attained such a phenomenal skill.

Blue Pin: Prayer, you say?

Yellow Pin: For what is this prayer thing that you speak about?

Red Pin: Do tell us the secret.

The Juggler.

Juggler: For what is prayer, you ask? Why, it is the beauty of seeking and finding; asking and receiving; wondering and figuring out. It is a question directed towards God; just make sure that the question you ask is the right one.

Blue: Thou who juggles me, my prayer did not work.

Juggler: For what was thou’s prayer?

Blue: I have prayed to not be a juggling pin.

Juggler: That question is lazy, Blue Pin.

Yellow: Well I have prayed too, and I have not received.

Juggler: For what was thou’s prayer?

Yellow: I have prayed to not be a slave.

Juggler: That question is lazy, Yellow Pin.

Red: Well I have prayed, and I have received.

Juggler: For what was thou’s prayer?

Red: I prayed for a good question. But I have not quite captured the answer to the question I was given yet.

At this slippery and slithery moment, a serpent slides near the Juggler.

Juggler: (jumps) Oh my! I’m sorry, there is nothing that I do fear more than the snake.

The Red pin transforms into a snake and falls to the ground.

Juggler: (jumps) Oh my!

Blue: For what was thou’s prayer, Red?

Red: Well, first I prayed for a good question.

Yellow: And what was the question you were given?

Red: The question was: what is the Juggler afraid of mostly? And then I asked God for a sign; and then came a snake – and then I pulled the trigger.

Blue: Brilliant.

Yellow: Remarkable.

Juggler: That is how you pray.