“Only in his hometown, among his relatives and in his own house is a prophet WITHOUT honor.”

Said Christ, who would know this kind of thing.

But why is that?

Why is it that a prophet is never known in his hometown?

Well, you see, Christ attained the Holy Ghost around the age of 29 whilst he was baptized by John the Baptist. And then, filled with the Holy Spirit – which the Buddhist’s just call ‘Nirvana’ – he went on to Teach & Profess: as a drastically changed man. A change from Man into Divine Man, you may say, but still the same physical creature that he was, when he had grown up in his hometown.

Let us put it this way, shall we…

You grow up with a Friend. You know him. You know him his whole life until college. You know, very well, your friends natural flaws and vices and traits.

That friend is named Jesus.

7 years later, at 29 years old, Jesus comes back to town full of Wisdom & Divine Knowledge & Opposing Traits.

Jesus Christ is called crazy by all in his hometown, including You, his old friend who he grew up with for all of those years.

Jack O’Lantern

KJV Mathew 3:21

‘But when his own people heard about this, they went out to lay hold of him, for they said, “He is out of his mind.”’