A Short Tale,

Once Upon a Time in a Timeless State of Mind… 

Jesus, The Christ, hath roamed – and hath sat upon the belly of a boulder where a Donkey named Divine hath been resting nigh.

Jesus Christ: Thy Father blesses I in the mind’s eye of an idea with you. Tell me, Donkey, dost you possess a name?

Divine The Donkey: I am Divine.

Christ: You doth preach the Gospel as well?

Divine: Nay, it is my name.

Christ: Nay, it is what you are. Here is thine idea, which is not thine idea – but THOU’S idea that hath been messaged to I, as I am the vessel of He – like all who espy it out inside of themselves. The morrow is a grand day, Divine Donkey. For it is The Day that thy Father hath planned me for since thrice years ago when I was around the age of 30, and persisted on His quest; which is My path, which is what He sought, which is what I hath sought as well. Tomorrow we make way for Jerusalem the Holy City, and I dost not want to come into town like a Knight or a Prince or a King on a masculine horse – as that high-bred symbol will doeth not well with the Anti-Christs who dismiss I, The Christ, which is inside of You, as well. So, let us provide them with a slick sly symbol to twist their slippery psyches around – and arrive to Jerusalem on you: The Divine. You are a peaceful kind of creature, and more lowly then a stallion. We must not ride in with a charge, but with a grace that speaks so softly that it becomes mightier than the charge.

Divine: Tomorrow is Sunday, Christ?

Christ: It is, Divine.

Divine: I am available.

End Short Tale.