Once Upon a Time in a Timeless State of Mind…

There was Jack, the Pumpkin Headed Son of Earth, on a peacock farm. A pack of peacocks sit and stare in deep trance at a scroll hung up on a wall – that is in a constant state of unraveling. Among the scroll are symbols and words that pass on by – the current symbol is a smiley face.

Peacock (1): Oh, look how happy that one is.

Peacock (2): I wish I was that happy.

Peacock (3): I will never be that happy.

Jack: And you think that staring at a scroll on a wall all day will deliver you to happiness?

A sad face scrolls on by.

Peacock (1): Oh, look how sad that one is.

Peacock (2): It makes me sad to see this.

Peacock (3): I am so, so sad.

Jack: Fools! You peacocks are being played just like a harp!

The words “I Love Scroll” scrolls on by.

Peacock (1): Oh, I like that one.

Peacock (2): Like.

Peacock (3): I will share this message with the world.

Jack: You are all SLAVES.


The words “Acting Like a Pig is the New Thing” scrolls on by.

Peacock (1): Oink.

Peacock (2): Oink, oink.

Peacock (3): Oink, oink, oink.

Jack:Nonsense! You are peacocks! NOT PIGS!

The statement “Peacock is a Bad Word” scrolls on by.

Peacock (1): Bad.

Peacock (2): Peacock bad.

Peacock (3): Peacock very bad.

Jack: Oh, so now you are anti-self? Comatosis! You’d burn that scroll and live, if only you had the slightest clue that you were all Divine.

Peacock (1): (turns head) Divine, you say?

Jack: Yes, Divine!Rise and fan out those saintly feathers! Bewho you are!

Peacock (3): (turns head) Which is Divine, you had said?

Jack: You are wasting your lives in willing chains. You are in a subtle hypnosis in a subconscious state, and you are fighting for the scroll that fights you.

Peacock 1 & 3 fan out their beatific feathers and show them off.

Peacock (1): My, look how Divine your feathers be, my Peacock friend!

Peacock (3): Oh, and yours as well, my Peacock brother!

Peacock (2): Peacock is a bad word, oink, that makes me sad, I wish I was that happy.

Peacock 2 turns into a Turkey, and is shot through the heart with an arrow by a huntress – who drags him away by his tail.

Huntress: I played that one just like a harp.

Jack: If only you had the slightest clue that you were Divine.