Once Upon a Time in a Timeless State of Mind…

Pontius Pilate hath taken a seat in the Praetorium: The Hall Palace. A Mouse by the name of Magi scurries to his feet.

Pontius Pilate: (bends forward) You are a wee fellow.

Magi the Mouse: I, wee? For what is wee in I? Thy head? Thy paws? Thy tail? Thy Spirit is peaked to the magnitude of an elephant, and reaches high to the Heavens like a black & gold giraffe. Doth tell me, Pontius, for what is wee in I?

Pontius: Ah, with thine mind-filled eye, I see now. Your heart is larger than your heart. Dost tell me, what is your epithet?

Magi: For, I am MAGI! The Mouse.

Pontius: Well, Magi the Mouse, it is a pleasure to befriend you.

At this jolt of a thunderstorm in Time’s past, the Hall Palace double doors bolt open, and Jesus of Nazareth, The Christ, is shown in by the Guards and tossed to the ground before Pontius Pilate, and Magi the Mouse.

Magi: Lo, the Heart of Hearts.

Pontius Pilate.

Pontius: Dost not bow to I, as I am not Emperor Tiberius. Make stance in your posture and come up.

Jesus Christ: (stands) I dost not bow to you nor Emperor Tiberius; but to the Divine Ground that stands below you to keep up All from falling below.

Caiaphas, the Chief Priest of the Temple, makes way in.

Caiaphas: He has blasphemed yet again?

Pontius: Nay, I hath not heareth a dribble, and I hath not heareth the first.

Caiaphas: This man perverts the Nation! He hath charges summed up to thrice, Pontius! Lo, he hast forbidden the tribute of payment to the Empire.

Pontius: Hath you done so, Jesus of Nazareth?

Jesus: For a man with a gold coin cheeked and browed before his natural eye is made blind by him own self and by thou’s own hand.

Caiaphas: He admits!

Pontius: It is an admission? Nay, recall your ignorance, Caiaphas. His words are a Truth.

Caiaphas: Lo, he hath plotted sedition and revolt within his agenda against the Roman Empire.

Pontius: Hath you done so, Jesus of Nazareth?

Jesus: Wherefore art thou the freedom in reliance? Wherefore art thou God within the Empire that is not his Kingdom? I cometh not to revolt, but to rejoice, as thy Father resolveth All through I – be it alive or hung – like a fruit on the tree of the cross.

Caiaphas: Blasphemy! You heareth it now, Pontius?

Pontius: (smiles at ChristAre you the King of the Jews?

Jesus: Thou sayest it.

Pontius: Nay ye?

Jesus: Thou sayest that I am a King. To this end I was born, and for this cause came I into the world; that I should give testimony to the Truth. All that is of the Truth, heareth my voice. – (John 18:37)

Pontius: What is Truth? – (John 18:38)

Shouts from outside The Hall Palace ensue…

Peasant: Crucify him!

Merchant: Killeth the man!

Pagan: Hang he like a fruit on the tree of the cross!

Pontius takes leave and addresses the crowd from the Pavement.

Pontius: Hang He for what? I find no fault in this Man. – (John 18:38)

Peasant: Crucify him!

Merchant: Killeth the man!

Pagan: Hang he like a fruit on the tree of the cross!

Pontius: I will not sentence a man to death who is not of my Judea. Let Herod the Tetrarch handle his own territorial nuisances.

Pontius retreats back to The Great Hall.

Pontius: To Galilee you go, Jesus of Nazareth. For your blood beith not spread amongst my hands.

Jesus: Beith not the stain of blood on your hands, but on your heart.

Jesus departs with the guards; Caiaphas follows.

Magi: Woe to ye, Pontius. Ye sent this Man to his death!

Pontius: Galilee soils art not thine soils, Magi.

Magi: Ah, but it is ye who hath allowed him to depart, Pontius.

Pontius: If he beith the Son of Man, may God’s Will be with him. Wheresoever the wheel doth turn, it is God’s hand who doth turneth it.

Magi: Wherefore art thou the God in ye? Dost ye nay know that Jupiter floweth through All? Doth you nay know that the Divine Mother Earth is imbedded inside of you? The wheel turneth by God’s Divine Hand, but ye are a cog in the wheel; and since ye are a cog in the wheel that God dost toucheth and spin, you are manifested in his plan simply by Thou’s touch.

Pontius: I am not the Son of Man.

Magi: Sayest ye. My hopes art that ye are handed a second redemption.

Jesus enters back with the Guards and Caiaphas.

Caiaphas: The imbecile called Herod the Tetrarch seeith no charge.

Pontius: (throws hands up) And so he sends he back to me? Nonsense, I want no part in this trial. I dost not see a fault; I dost not a King; I dost not see a threat nor a foe – I see a meek lamb!

Peasant: Crucify him!

Merchant: Killeth the man!

Pagan: Hang he like a fruit on the tree of the cross!

Procula, Pontius’s Wife, makes way into The Great Hall.

Procula: Oh Pontius! Have nothing to do with this righteous man. I have suffered much a dream today because of him. (Mathew 27:19)

Caiaphas: Sorcery! This man of God beith a witch of darkness! He plants the dream and pretends the meek lamb!

Procula: God planteth the dream, Caiaphas!

Pontius: All ye depart withholding Procula. Take the Christ along with you.

Caiaphas: The Christ!

Pontius: I have said what I have said – depart.

Jesus, the guards and Caiaphas depart.

Procula: This man is the completed circle of innocence. Do the righteous thing, Pontius.

Procula departs.

Pontius: I have a plan.

Magi: Oh, I love plans, Pontius. Tell me what it is, will you please?

Pontius: The morrow is the Passover feast, in which traditionally we shall release a jail-bird. Let us hand the Republic over a choice: The freedom of the notorious murderer, Barabbas. Or the Liberation of Jesus, the Christ of Nazareth.

Magi: And if they shall turn up faulty and flawed, Pontius?

Pontius: May the Spirit be with All.


Pontius Pilate sits on the Judgement Chair before the mass.

Pontius: Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears: For you well know that the day that is the day that we are in is the day that 1 prisoner may be liberated to pursue a life again. I present for you and your own judgement 2 prisoners – it is you who shall become The Fate.

Behind Pontius Pilate, the double-doors open: Barabbas & Jesus of Nazareth are shown to the Pavement. Pontius stands and gestures a hand to:

Pontius: Barabbas.

Crowd: WOOO!

Pontius Pilate places a hand on the shoulder of:

Pontius: Jesus of Nazareth.


Pontius: For what? What evil hath this Man done? – (Luke 23:4)


Pontius: And what is the Public Charge?

Merchant: Jesus of Nazareth, who CLAIMED to be the King of the Jews!


In a ceramic bowl that sits atop a small roman pillar, Pontius Pilate washes his hands within.

Pontius: I am innocent of the blood of this just man. (shakes off water) See ye to it. – (Mathew 27:24)

A golden birdcage that homes a white Turtle Dove sits atop a second roman pillar to Pontius Pilate’s right. Pontius frees the Dove.

Pontius: May the Spirit be with All.

Pontius departs into The Great Hall.

Pontius: Imbeciles! Brutes! Cursed they be for their lawlessness and their devilish tongue! They want to send the man to the Cross – so be it! And so be this: That if this man who lay claim to be the Son of Man be it The Truth – let The Truth consume the devil within their Heart of Hearts.

Magi: What is Truth?

Pontius: What is injustice?

Magi: The Devil.

Pontius: And so, The Truth is The God.

Pontius Pilate takes a plank of wood and chips and chisels the letters INRI into it.

Caiaphas enters The Great Hall and Pontius Pilate hands him the plank of wood.


Pontius: Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews.

Caiaphas: This be not the Public Charge, Pontius. The charge be this: Jesus of Nazareth, who CLAIMED to be King of The Jews. – (John 20:21)

Pontius: What I have written, I have written – depart. – (John 20:22)


With his spear, Longinus, the blind Roman centurion, goes to thrust the final hole into the rib of Jesus Christ, but

LO: Hearken to what happens hither

The white Turtle Dove that Pontius Pilate hath set to the free blue-sky hath flown betwixt the spear-point and The Christ’s right rib; and wouldn’t you be enlightened to know, that the white Turtle Dove dost not puncture, nor bleed-out nor die; but hath multiplied: 7×777777 Times, and hath disappeared & dispersed throughout the World to find & comfort their own New Person;

thus, All had the Holy Spirit.

Pontius: Death.

Magi: Life.

At this peculiar moment in Time, a white Turtle Dove flutters through the air and pauses above Pontius Pilate’s crown.

Pontius: (looks up) May the Spirit be with All.

Magi: Redemption.