The Jack O’Lantern Show

Show #26 – Prometheus & the Akashic Records


In this show, I go with a flow towards many differing places that relate. I begin by summarizing the tale of Prometheus (forethought) & Epimetheus (afterthought), and their creation of animals & humans, and the intellectual fire that Prometheus has stolen and given to us. I then dip my feet into the Akashic Records, which is a recording of All Happenings in Time (events, emotions, intentions, desires, wisdoms, knowledges of all man) that may be accessed through Zen meditation called Mushin (no mind) from the Mental Plane. I explain how to simply access the Akashic Records, which is not brain-surgery, and I speculate bewilderingly where my own thoughts derive from. I then tie all of this into the steady flowing river of The Tao in Taoism, and dive into the stream of synchronicity; a Clarity Realm derived from the Mental Plane where physical “coincidences” are acknowledged (Mentally), and are moment-by-moment presented to you. Blessings & I hope you enjoy.