♠Once Upon a Time in a Timeless State of Mind…  Jack, the Pumpkin Headed Son of Earth, was walking along a beach. From Poseidon’s Ocean, a miraculous sight to spy – a Giant Squid squirms, with a chin up, onto dry sand. Of the Squid’s 8 tentacles, 7 are held high and clasping onto a rope – with a dead animal hanged onto each noose.

 (The 8thtentacle hides behind the 7.)

7 Dead Animals:

I. Mouse

II. Sloth

III. Serpent

IV. Lion

V. Raccoon

VI. Love Bird

VII. Hog

Jack: You are a destructive monster.


Jack: Beast, I would like to see you try to hang me.

The Squid stares.

Jack: And so, you just stare? What is this stare that you have manifested onto your skull? It does not seem to be of an Evil sort, but of an All-Knowing sort, instead. You are a monster or a riddle?

The Squid pays Jack a wink.

Jack: A riddle? And yet, there is literal death upon your hands. You have destroyed 7 living beings, but where, may I ask you, is your 8th?

The Squid shuts his eyes, and then opens them.

Jack: It is on the inside, I suppose.

The Squid stares.

Jack: There it is again – what is that stare? It lacks all envy, yet it is almost wholly dismissed of pride. It is defeated of wrath, and shows not any trace of greed, as you appear to already possess the All. There is no gluttony like a hog, and no lustfulness like a love bird… For, what, may I ask you, is that stare?

The Squid makes a quick movement and performs a hastily tuned-up dance-step in a miraculously expert manner.

Jack: Well! You are nothing like the sloth you have slaughtered.

The Squid bats his eyelashes.

Jack: Death. You slaughtered the sloth to slaughter the laziness inside of yourself; and the gluttonous Hog to be rid of gluttony; and the love bird of lust has died within you. Death to the stealing raccoon of greed, and death to the lion’s pride within a false heart – for it is you who are God’s own doing, and not the other way around. Because of his smallness, that mouse was an envious mouse, and so you murdered the pitiful yearning inside of yourself and cared not for the ugly jealousy, nor the whims of another being’s life. And lastly, let us not forget that your wrath has been chopped and tamed because of the slimy serpent that has been hung and killed inside of you, too. Death to the Wrathful Serpent. Death to the Envious Mouse. Death to the Gluttonous Hog and the Lustful Love Bird and the Greedy Raccoon and the Prideful Lion and the Lazy Sloth, as well. Death to the 7 Deadly Sins.

From behind 7 arms, Squid reveals his 8thtentacle that holds the Sacred Heart of Fire. He pushes it into Jack’s chest.

Jack: (eyes beam) To Destruct is a good thing, too.