I wanted to talk about the Buddhist’s point, which is that the root of your misery lies within the swamp of Desire.

Desire comes in many shapes & sizes, both in physical-ness & metaphysical-ness. This is how I will formulate and coin the 2:

Physical-ness: Desire for THE NOUN.

Metaphysical-ness: Desire for THE CONTROL.

Desire for The Noun is, of course, the desire for the Person, Place & Thing. It is waste to assume happiness in a noun; something apart from yourself. Desire is Never fulfilled in a noun – even once you attain The Noun, another noun will arrive, and the thirst will derive for that.

Like a fiddle, The Noun plays you.

Like a mouse, you are, that endlessly sprints in a wheel that travels yourself to nowhere.

That is the CURSE of The Desired Noun.

Now for the Metaphysical – Desire for THE CONTROL.

Control is an intrusive and abusive mind game, hence the metaphysics. Control itself comes in many shapes & forms and the El Capitan of The Control is The Ego.

The Desire of The Control lies, too, in the swamp of controlling how you want people to see yourself; how you want people to agree with what you think – just because your selfish ego wants it to be known. People strive, in leaps & bounds, in the desire to control the thoughts of people, even in petty situations.

Let me test myself and see if I can, here and now, conjure up a parable that explains both of these ruinsome desires in one bow-shot:

An elephant steps on the tale of a snake who is in pursuit of a desired mouse. However, the snake has already eaten, he is not hungry, he just wants the mouse as a trophy. Now, the snake, with venom filled teeth, sinks his fangs into the elephant’s foot – the elephant screams and insults:


And the snake says: “I AM NOT BAD! You stepped on my face and stuck yourself!”

And the elephant tumbled down from the poison, and crushed the snake dead.

It’s not the best example, but it’s what flowed out of me, so I’ll make it work:

Desire for The Noun is obvious: chase the noun (mouse) and you’ll be stuck under the elephant that is this heavy world.

Desire for The Control is not so obvious – and it comes in many more dimensions than the sample provided:

The elephant accused the snake of being a BAD SNAKE. The snake became offended – not because he actually was a bad snake, but because it is bad reputation. So, to control his reputation, and the minds of the animals who may be around listening, he fibs in desire to control the narrative.

When I feel like coming up with a better sample, I’ll write it.

The moral of the story, and The Buddhist’s Point, is that you will never be contented by a noun, or many nouns; you will never be contented by control, or All control – as a matter of fact, it is precisely that yearning & desire that is the

Fundamental Root of Your Misery.

You crush your own self with the weight of an elephant.

So do as the Buddhist’s do:

Breathe out.

Let go.

And if you are to yearn for something – yearn for Nirvana.

Yearn to find your True Self.

-Jack O’Lantern