Is Love not an obvious curse to all who fall by it?

Or perhaps, not even fall –

but LIVE by it.

Recently I’ve been partaking in battle in my head about the comparison of Love & Beauty.

Because, we’ll, quite frankly:

My how simple it is to fall immediately in “love” with beauty!

Perhaps it is not so much a comparison, but a sorting out.

The issue is that I cannot identify the difference between being in Love, and the Beauty that curses you into being in love.

It’s such a strong spell – this CuRsE of Beauty, and so too, Love.

I do not fancy the CuRsE.

Like sexual desire, it is an OFF-BALANCE, and a PEST who thoroughly infests, when unwanted.

I think beings are mostly in love with being in love, no matter the compatible partner.

It is a CuRsE.

It is an off-balance.

Just as Evil, on the opposite side of the scale, is a vicious hex – so too is the Curse of Love, on the other very end of the serpent’s tail.

You must meet in the middle and not be distracted away from seeking yourself;

you must not be distracted by

The Curse of Love & Beauty.

-Jack O’Lantern