Let’s do some kind of altering and perform some kind of mythological, metamorphic-al, and metaphorical change-up.

A short mythos.

A short mythos where we create the creation of something that everyone knows about, at the very end of the tale.

We’ll call this one:


Deep within the bowels of the earth, the Devil’s Daughter is born – talking, and with eyes of black.

Now, you see, the Devil’s eyes are red – as he was born with them and lived up to his destiny. Demons have black eyes. And according to Satan – he was not having it.

“What is your frustration, daddy?” Asks the Devil’s Daughter, “Are you not gleeful that I was born?”

“You possess the eyes of the possessed, my daughter.” Daddy says.

“Well, daddy, as I recall the angels whispering to me before I was born here: Blackened eyes are born in Hell, colors gone, no rainbows dwell.”

The Devil paces to & fro with a couple fingers squeezed onto his chin. He halts and proclaims:

“MY GOD, I’ve got it. My dutiful daughter. You come from the womb talking & remembering, certainly you are not a child of Hell. Go out & return to me a cup of Poseidon’s blue ocean – you may ride my flying serpent.”

And so, she does.

“Lovely, my dutiful daughter. Now go out again and fetch me some light from the sun. A handful will do, and you may ride my flying serpent.”

And so, she does.

And what does Daddy Devil do? He mixes Poseidon’s blue water with the sun’s yellow light and creates a Green.

“My dutiful daughter.” says Daddy Devil, “You have boughten me the Light of God and the Life of Poseidon’s water, but you are missing some of Me. Go out and fetch me some dirt. There is no need to take the flying serpent, as you need not travel anywhere to reach the Center of the Earth”

The Devil’s Daughter reaches down, scoops up a pile of brown dirt, and hands it to daddy. The Devil mixes it with the green, takes the cocktail, and shoves it into his daughter’s black eyes – turning them hazel.

“There you are.” Says the Devil. “I will call you Hazel, as it is you now who will be Goddess of all things involving Light, Water & Earth – which is – All Things. You possess All in your eyes, and so you see over All. Hazel, Welcome to the Kingdom.”

And so, it is said, that All born of hazel eyes are genetic descendants of the first:

The Devil’s Daughter.

All Things – you possess in those eyes. And so it is important to know this to be so.

Carry it with you.

Live with it.

Live by it.

And never, nay ever, take those hazel eyes for granted.

-Jack O’Lantern