I am playing a symbolistic game with myself in sorting out the assertion of the 4 ELEMENTS:

  1. FIRE
  2. EARTH
  3. AIR
  4. WATER

in conjunction with Legitimate Traits & Metaphysical Traits in us.

We will lay claim, here & now, (for fun), that we are created of all 4 ELEMENTS:

  1. FIRE – Which we, in fact, do need to be alive. (SUN)
  2. EARTH – Be it the FLESH & Material that make up this Earth’s Human.
  3. AIR – Be it the air we breathe, that too gives us life.
  4. WATER – Be it the legitimate H2O we are created 73% of.

We shall make statement that all of these ELEMENTS in which I have just stated are WORLDLY ELEMENTS that make up the WORLDLY SELF.

Now, let us attach our OTHERWORLDLY ELEMENTS to those Worldly Elements, which completes the equation of the existence of Man:

  1. FIRE – The spark of the LOGOS in us, and so it is the FLAME – the FIRE of INTEL.
  2. EARTH – The DEVIL needed in ALL – necessary for survival in a violent world.
  3. AIR – Our SPIRIT who fills us with LIFE.
  4. WATER – Be it the UNCONSCIOUS depths of the Psyche.

There. That was fun.

-Jack O’Lantern