The Jack O’Lantern Show

Ep. 6. Channeling Aesop; The Monkey, The Skull & Rodin’s Thinker


In this Episode 6. Channeling Aesop, I conduct a thought-experiment by conjuring up a story/dialogue betwixt some nicknacks on my mantle, and perform by putting the breath of Philosophy into their inanimate mouths.


Show Scenes:

I. A Mind Imagination Experiment

II. Aesop

III. The Monkey, The Skull & Rodin’s Thinker

IV. Skull Head

V. Lessons On Death

-Is Death an End?
-The Imaginary Image
-Bliss in The Afterlife
-The Body Nuisance 

VI. “Where did you get that skull?”

VII. Screw Sex Drive

VIII. Beauty is a Spell

IX. Death & Life are Conjoined Twins

X. Just A Ride to School

XI. Rodin’s Thinker is Naked