Maybe one day people will learn how to talk,

genuine feelings rolling off their tongues.

But I don’t see it happening, for awhile,

so I’ll sit quiet with my superficial smile.


So until they learn how to talk,

They can all fuck off.

And that’s okay,

because I like myself anyway,

until they learn how to talk.

[end chorus]

If every word is pseudo to your soul,

don’t you know that things in life will fall?

And I keep looking back for change, every once in awhile,

and I regret it every single day, just kidding I’m a regretless-file.

[repeat chorus]

And if every single word you say is fake, does it make it worth while?

Because apparently it’s pulling teeth to have a genuine-style.

And I’ve been changing all my ways, for awhile.

And these people don’t know how to change, oh-well for this life’s trial.

[repeat chorus]