Once Upon a Time in a Timeless State of Mind…   Jack, the Pumpkin Headed Son of Earth, was falling from outer space. He rips through Earth’s Force Field, and into a volcano where a half-Man, half-Vulture, soars and scoops him before he touches lava.

Jack: You are Hephaestus?

Vulcan: I am Vulcan.

Jack: You are the Roman equal to the Greek Hephaestus.

Vulcan: If they are equal, am I not both?

Jack: Are you a Roman or are you a Greek?

Vulcan: Are they not from the same source?

Jack: I assume we all are.

Vulcan: Than I am All.

Jack: And so am I.


Vulcan flies into a corridor of the volcano and lands Jack down neatly.

Jack: We are in some sort of lab, Vulcan?

Vulcan: Cannot any place be not some sort of lab, Jack?

Jack: With the corrected mind, I suppose you draw sense. You know, you are unique to the other Gods & Goddesses, Vulcan. You are a rather depressing lot to look at, and yet you are distinctly a Godbeing of your own kind. I cannot make up my drifting mind as to if it is for the bad or for the better.

Vulcan: Whichever way the mind sways – so it is.

Jack: The Mind has much to do with everything, does it not, Vulcan?

Vulcan: Mind is everything, Jack. It is forever present and more absolute than this world.

Jack: You are stating that the invisible mind is more concrete than concrete?

Vulcan: Does concrete live?

Jack: It does not.

Vulcan: Does it move on its own?

Jack: It does not.

Vulcan: Does it expand and grow?

Jack: Not unless the mind of a being moves it’s body to mix and pour into the existing pile.

Vulcan: Reality is what the mind morphs.

Jack: Mind is everything.

A mini volcano sprouts from the ground.

Jack: Like a rose, that volcano has birthed on its own.

Vulcan: Do flowers birth on their own?

Jack: Do flowers possess mind?

Vulcan: Is consciousness, mind?

Jack: I believe if you are conscious at all, you must be somewhere on the lengthy Scale of Mind.

Vulcan: And so, the question holds: Do flowers birth on their own?

Jack: Suppose the Earth gives way to consciousness?

Vulcan: Because the rose is literally attached with its roots?

Jack: I suppose so.

Vulcan: And because when it is ripped out of the Earth, it dies?

Jack: I suppose.

Vulcan: And as for the animals, and the human beings that stand upright like the Gods do?

Jack: What is your question, Vulcan?

Vulcan: Are animals and human beings not from the Earth?

Jack: They are.

Vulcan: And yet, you are not attached by a root?

Jack: I see.

Vulcan: And so, where does one’s mind come from?

Jack: I am comfortable with the confirmation of the Mother Earth.

Vulcan: What is the inference, Jack?

Jack: That the Mother Earth is Superior Consciousness.

Vulcan: Therefore?

Jack: She is All Mind.

Vulcan takes a sheet of iron with his tongs and dips it into the mini volcano, and morphs it into a Knight’s Helmet. He places it on a rocky mantle.

Jack: You are the blacksmith for the Gods & Goddesses, are you not?

Vulcan: I am.

Jack: You produce the weaponry and armor?

Vulcan: I do.

Jack: When a God & Goddess protects, it is you who is at his service, or her who is at yours?

Vulcan: When a God & Goddess protects, it is that particular one’s Self who is a master of my tools.

Jack: Is it not because of you that they are capable of protection, Vulcan?

Vulcan: What is more important, Jack, the house or the space inside?

Jack: Truth.

Vulcan: What is a bag of bones without the conscious mind to move it into being?

Jack: It is just a bag of bones.

Vulcan: They require each other?

Jack: They do, but only 1 of the 2 become obsolete in the end because of the concretized self that is capable of destruction.

Vulcan: As in, when the House crumbles and falls, the Space that was inside will always remain?

Jack: Yes, the Conscious Mind is Protected.

Vulcan takes a sheet of iron with his tongs and dips it into the mini volcano, and morphs it into a Knight’s Shield. He places it on a rocky mantle.

Vulcan: What about when the mind is attacked, Jack?

Jack: Can your mind be attacked, Vulcan?

Vulcan: Is misery not an attacked mind?

Jack: But who is doing the attacking? Another being?

Vulcan: That is the question, Jack.

Jack: Well, we do know that a body may be attacked by a sword, because there is a body there to move the sword to attack the other body that is also there.

Vulcan: The attack is bodily?

Jack: It is the only thing that can be attacked, because it is manifested into something that is concrete and capable of destruction.

Vulcan: The answer to the question still roams: Is misery not an attacked mind, Jack?

Jack: It is, but it is you who are doing the attacking! One cannot have the mind deliberately attacked by another, because it is not physically there to be made broken. If your mind is in misery, it is because you have kept the thoughts on your mind yourself. You have invited them in and you have kept them there to stay. It is you who feeds your dragon and it is you who tends to its attention.

Vulcan: What happens when you don’t tend to the dragon’s attention?

Jack: It seizes to exist, and so there is no attack.

Vulcan: The mind is filled with demons, Jack?

Jack: Only the ones you manifest, Vulcan.

Vulcan: You are stating that the seed of misery inside of the mind is self-inflicted?

Jack: Yes, it is the spiritual reflection of the physical attempted suicide.

Vulcan takes a sheet of iron with his tongs and dips it into the mini volcano, and morphs it into a Knight’s Sword. He places it on a rocky mantle.

Vulcan: So, the mind is invincible to attack so long as the Conscious Mind does not eat its own self?

Jack: That is the inference.

Vulcan: The mind is immortal?

Jack: It may be weathered down and beaten by its own self, but not ever slayed.

Vulcan: Can you read the symbols on the rocky mantle, Jack?

Jack: The helmet is the Mind, the shield is Protection, and the sword is Attack.

Vulcan: The inference?

Jack: The Mind is the Protector of Attack.

Vulcan: Or, the Mind is Protected from Attack?

Jack: Whichever way the mind sways – so it is.

Vulcan: Everything is Mind.