Short Dialogue:


Jack: You are the Architect of The Game, Zeus?

Zeus: Architect of The Game of this World, I am not He; but a sprouting lotus of Thee, as a manifestation of The One’s energy.

Jack: You are the energetic reincarnation of The One.

Zeus: If the reincarnation of The One ought to exist, here I Am; and there You Are.

Jack: Here I am?

Zeus: All Are Thee.

Jack: The One?

Zeus: You are a micro-manifestation of The One, reincarnated into The Game so that The One may experience Himself in All Ways.

Jack: For what point?

 Zeus: To Know Thyself.

Jack: You are saying that each living being is a cell of God inside of God searching out Himself to find out what He is, which is what You Are – which is God?

Zeus: You have the point.

Jack: There is a funny inference here, Zeus.

Zeus: You have spotted The Secret?

Jack: Since God is on the mission of experiencing more of Himself, it instantly implicates that He must be seeking for something – since He is continually looking in the first place.

Zeus: What is He looking for, Jack?

Jack: Like us, He is looking for the root of his own Divine Existence.

Zeus: God Himself does not know where He Himself came from.

Jack: And so here we are – sent into The Game to assist The One.

Zeus: There You Are.

Jack: Here I Am.

Zeus: All Are Thee.

Jack: Know Thyself.

Zeus: The One.

THE ONE: Beat The Game.